Double Wedding Ring Challenge Dilemma

Somehow I’ve managed to get to the point that my quilt for the Double Wedding Ring Challenge is actually piece AND quilted!  It is a very awkward final shape though so I need your thoughts and advice…ASAP!



Very quick ‘story’ behind my quilt…it is a subdivision with houses on one of the rings and the other rings making up the roads…

I need your advice! how would you finish this quilt off?

Ideal Option:

Trisha Priewe Frankland suggested facing the quilt which I think would be ideal but I also feel like it would be slightly impossible. Unless anyone has suggestions to make this easier…it doesn’t look too bad on a square quilt…I’m just thinking all these points and curves could get super complicated…

Alternative Option 1:

I'm sort of thinking pillowcasing but that never seems to finish very nicely for me.

Alternative Option 2:


Alternative Option 3:

Create a stiff background base (ie cardboard or board of some sort) and then wrap the quilt around it.  This would be difficult getting the exact size…I would have to trace the quilt and then cut a quarter inch in from that…

Final Option:

So...I'm back to a standard binding...what color? I was sort of thinking a grey or blue to imitate sky/edge of the world.... Or it was suggest to pull out the reds... would love your thoughts!


I need to finish this ASAP for the New York Modern Quilt Guild challenge!  And…I would love to get the binding on tonight so I can work on handwork tomorrow while we’re watching the game….

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  1. ok blues make sense with story but I still like the reds/oranges-magma? Of course now i see the whole quilt differently. Finishing- I assume the white is part of the top and quilted too. I would smooth the edges enough to bind but leave them kind of jagged like the neighborhood is ripped from the surface of the earth. And then I would do white or low volume to blend with the edge binding.


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