Jewelry Binge

I’m not sure how many of you know that my whole '’Crafty Business” started out with making jewelry.  I took a couple of jewelry making classes in High School and I fell in love instantly.  There was a great bead store on a main street in my college town and to ‘unwind’ from the intense math and science classes I had to take to become an engineer I would make earrings, bracelets and necklaces.  When I met Jared, I sold these at his apple store and thought it was so cool when people came in looking to see what new jewelry I had created.  It continued to grow and I have a large selection of jewelry for sale in my apple shop to this day.  I don’t tend to spend as much time making jewelry as I do sewing and quilting but when I do it seems to just come out of me!  I ‘binge’ on jewelry making. I also tend to avoid ‘hitting a wall’ when I create because if I don’t feel like sewing I usually feel like making jewelry – it works perfectly!


Late last week I pulled up ALL of my beads to the kitchen – over 20 of those fishing lure box bead organizer containers.  Uhmm…yup…not only am I addicted to fabric, I’m also addicted to beads.  And I got to work.  IMG_3381I haven’t done a final count yet but I filled a decent size container with bracelets and earrings over the last few days.  One nice thing for me about making jewelry is that it’s easy to give Pip her own little container and beads to play with and she stays busy and let’s me work for a long time. It’s not that easy to do that down in my sewing room.  When I’m sewing there are pins, needles, hot irons, and LOTS of fun fabrics to pull off and pile all over the floor.  I don’t know about you but I don’t need any help making my sewing area even less organized.  I pull all my supplies up for a week max and then I give my family back the space.  My hubby is cool with it (as long as I don’t go over that week limit) and the girls LOVE it so it’s a win win.

1453560_10153497321945543_1399544896_nAnyway – I’ve been binging on jewelry making in preparation for my upcoming sale at my orchard.  It’s felt really good to make some fun new pieces again!

1456724_10153497878905543_1564861198_nI’m super in love with these ‘Sea Star Earrings’.

And there is LOTS more to be excited about in the bin too…I just have to get it all on cards and labeled before Thursday.  I can do that – right?



Whatever pieces I still have left I’ll be sure to list on my jewelry etsy shop, the Apple,  in the next few weeks – stay tuned!

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  1. Making beaded jewelry is something I really enjoy and I'm hoping to get back to it next year after my year of quilting UFOs. I know I have some beaded UFOs to finish up! At least beads take up a lot less space. I do it in binges too and and did my one and only craft show with my beaded items so I have extra everything.


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