Pumpkin Carving 2013

A good friend of mine gave me a call last night and I had a wonderful time chatting with her!  It had been way too long!  Anyway…she may have mentioned that’s it’s been awhile since I posted picture of my kiddo’s so I thought I should probably catch up with some October activities before November has completely gone by!

So…we’ll start with some pictures of us carving pumpkins with the girls.  We did this on a Friday night and I’m so grateful that Jared made me get up and do this.  Even though I was exhausted from apple season it was worth the time and fun we had with the girls.

This year Pip was a bit more into it.  Papa would ask her multiple choices about what shapes he should do and she would tell him what she wanted him to carve.

IMG_2773She really, really loved her pumpkin.  Capri had gone on a field trip to Creek Bed Farmacy and gave Pip the pumpkin she had gotten as part of the trip.

IMG_2776It’s just a little guy but it was the perfect pumpkin.  It was crazy too…she asked for a sad face and that night she was up with a 103+ fever and her two weeks of sickness turned into a sinus and ear infection…

IMG_2777Capri kept on picking out rotten pumpkins…we finally found once she liked.  She drew on the face and then I carved it.  It was a wolf pumpkin…and the walls on that pumpkin…well…they were thick!

IMG_2778Here’s Cedi and her pumpkin.  Papa helped her carve hers out.  IMG_2779Papa’s pumpkin was ‘pukin’.  Pip loved to tell everyone about it.

IMG_2780And here I am with my pumpkin…it has some eyebrows…not super creative but hey, I carved a pumpkin.


And here’s our pumpkin family…all lined up and lit up, ready for Halloween!

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