3 Roses–Color MERCEDI Project QUILTING Challenge Piece

As soon as I started thinking about what I would do for the Color MERCEDI Project QUILTING Challenge I knew what I wanted to do right away – Three Roses.  It would be simple but perfectly fitting for this challenge.  I also finished the entire thing start to finish in just a few hours one day.  Mercedi’s middle name is ‘Rose and I knew when she saw what I came up with she would love it!

First…I sketched out the rose.  Once I was happy with it I came up with my color scheme.  By the way...I only recently started to 'sketch' my ideas before I just whipped them together.  I've really enjoyed it though and I'm afraid it may become a habit...

M-arigold (rose)
E-vergreen (stems)
R-aspberry (butterfly's and binding)
C-apri (sky blue rose...I didn't realize it was a color either but it is! And it's the name of my second daughter)
E-cru - background
D-iamond - white rose
I-vory (color of the quilting thread)

I fused the roses down first and free motion quilted around the edges using matching to accent aurifil threads.  I didn’t want to take anything away from the simple beauty of the roses.
I did a very simple wavy line quilting on the edges and to just sort of ‘frame’ each rose.  This quilt is the size of a placemat because my girls are into those right now.  I’m not sure if I would actually ever use this as one but it may be fun to do one that fits each family members personality which would then show at our table setting…

To finish the quilt I bound it completely using my sewing machine.  No hand stitching.  This is the first time I tried this in a LONG, long time because the first time I tried It it just looked so horrible.  On Monday night at the Lodi Valley Quilt Guild Meeting my friend Trisha Franklin gave a mini demo on machine binding.  She had me hooked and I figured a small piece like this was a good way to give it a try.  I personally think it turned out great and will definitely be trying it again in the future!

Simple but effective and Cedi thought it was so cool that her and her name inspired this little quilted piece.

PS.  The background fabric is Butterfly in Red from Tim Holtzs’ line Eclectic Elements.

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