Handmade Christmas Ideas–Gumdrop Pillows

This holiday season I’m not doing very many craft shows…in fact, I just had one.  Which means – I can actually make things for my family for once!  Today I put together a Gumdrop Pillow designed by Amy Butler for Pip using all her old baby blankets.551430_10153585741605543_1213705970_n

The blankets are soft, cuddly, cozy and full of texture – everything Pip just loves!  The pattern calls for LOTS of stuffing – which makes sense…it is a two foot pillow.  Instead, I took three of our older pillows and stuffed them inside first.  Then I filled around them with stuffing.  It’s not perfect but still super cozy!1461360_10153586354520543_818587904_n

Have I ever mentioned that I’m terrible at secrets?  Well – I gave PIp her new pillow tonight.  She immediately jumped all over it, demanded a blanket and snuggled right in!  Jackpot!  I may add a bow to it and add it to our family gifts on Christmas Eve…but we’ll see.

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