Handmade Holiday–A Christmas Tree and Chocolate Chip Cookies

I previously covered what Pip made for Mercedi.  Next up I’m going to show you what I was lucky enough to get from Mercedi and while I’m add it what Capri made for Papa.

    • Pip picked Mercedi -  Kindle Case

    • Mercedi picked Mom.

    • Mom picked Capri.

    • Capri picked Papa.

    • Papa picked Pip.

Growing up my mom collected Santa’s.  She has shelves full of them that she puts out every Christmas and it’s become a tradition to see them all in their glory standing together.  I’ve known other people to collect snowmen.  Well, I decided to collect Christmas trees.  I have a pretty decent collection started but each year I tend to get one or two to add to my collection.

Cedi was at her Grandma Lapacek’s for a long weekend and she made my gift there.

Using a foam tree base, Grandma let Cedi at her beads and buttons and hot glue and this is what she came up with!  I love all the color and the thought that Cedi put into it and it’s going to be a priceless addition to my Christmas tree collection!

Capri had picked her Papa’s name to make a gift for.  She knew right away what she was going to do and it was going to require Grandma Lapacek’s help as well.

She got off the bus at Grandma’s house one night after school just before Christmas time and came home with his gift.  She decided it would be best to give it to him early so they would be ‘fresh’.

That’s right – she made Pap his favorite…a big batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies!

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