Handmade Holidays–Sock Monkey Advent Calendar

I’m working my way through sharing with you all the handmade gifts my little family gifted each other with this Holiday Season.

  • Pip picked Mercedi -

  • Mercedi picked Mom –

  • Mom picked Capri.

  • Capri picked Papa – 

  • Papa picked Pip.

Now it’s time to share with you what I made for Capri.  At first, I thought Capri would be easy – she loves making things!  But just because she loves to make things doesn’t mean she’s easy.  It made it a little bit tougher because I had to make something that she wouldn’t make herself or want to have made for herself.

I found this great Sock Monkey Advent Calendar Panel in my stash and knew I found the perfect thing.  She would be able to use it year after year and would have lots of fun moving the monkey from day to day counting down to Christmas.

On the top I free motion quilted ‘Merry Christmas’.

  It’s not very obvious but I used a green and blue Christmas bird fabric to patchwork each of the squares that the sock monkey numbers would go on.  I think the subtlety of this is just fine since there’s already a lot going on with the sock monkey’s.  By patchworking the base it also helped me more evenly space each pocket without spending too much time doing so.  There was no 25 so I made my own pocket for that.  In the picture above you can also see the little stuffed Sock Monkey Santa that gets moved each day.

 It was a hit!  Capri is still sleeping with it and can’t wait to start the countdown from the beginning next December!

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