Handmade Holiday–The Puzzle

I have one more ‘required-to-make’ handmade gift to share.

Last but not least…Papa had picked Pip.  I think of everyone Papa could pick Pip was the hardest to come up with an idea for.  Papa is very good at building things but Pip’s not quite at the age of using things that Papa builds.  He even surprised me with what he came up with for her.

This year Pip really got into the ‘opening presents’ thing.  It was so fun to watch her and she opened her gifts!

A puzzle!!!  What a perfect idea!  It’s a smiley face too if you look close.  Papa made her a very special puzzle…I did hear the big girls helped a little with the painting of the puzzle.

It was the best gift Pip could have gotten!  She’s put it together over and over and over again already.  Definitely an A+ for Papa on Creativity and Thoughtfulness. Just when you think they can’t get any cuter…

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  1. That is a wonderful gift !! And even more perfect that the older girls helped !


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