The Sunny Sunflower Block Exchange

Just under a year ago a friend of mine invited me to join a Sunflower Quilt Block Exchange.  The final group would have to make one ‘Sunflower’ themed block for each person that signed up for the group.  Well…37 sign ups later I had 37 Sunflower blocks on my plate.  It was no big deal though…they didn’t have to be complete until February!  I had over a year..easy peasy!

Well…It’s December 17th…I have just under 2 months.  But, I hadn’t completely forgotten about it…I had just put it in the back of my head to let the ideas simmer.

I went through a few things before I came up with my final decision.  threadI knew I wanted to use the spool block as I love thread spools and am thinking it may be a ‘signature’… (yup…I got a tattoo of a spool of thread onto my wrist.)

Spoonflower.  I may be slightly addicted to turning my pictures and images into my very own unique fabric on Spoonflower.  I may also have an orchard with a sunflower field…so I made up a couple of fun original sunflower prints that I could incorporate into my block.

sunflowers stripes


Alright…so thread and sunflower fabrics.  There was really only one thing I could do…


A Sunny Spoool Flower of course!  (the yellow center is also a yellow sunflower batik print)…

It’s not traditional…but it’s very ‘Kim’.  I hope it will be a fun addition to everyone’s sunflower quilts.


And…I have four done so far!  Just 33 to go!

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  1. Always unique & outside the box! Great tattoo, by the way!


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