Time to Organize

Every year between Christmas and New Year’s I do two things.  First, I bring my baby, my Janome 6600 up to the The Welcome Home in Portage for maintenance.  It’s a wonderful little shop in Portage and they are incredible about getting my machine all fixed up, cleaned and oiled for me as fast as they can!  I think they understand the panic I feel when it’s not sitting in it’s customary spot in my sewing room.

Since I don’t have my sewing machine for a little while it only makes sense to spend the time organizing my craft area.  It is pretty much a disaster by this time of the year.  My husband questions how I can make such beautiful things out of such a messy room!


A few years back my hubby made me some built in shelves for my fabric in my sewing room.  It works pretty good but it does tend to get just piled and I can’t see everything I have.  This year I decided to use some Polar Notions fabric boards to make ‘mini’ bolts of my fabric. I had one some a year or so ago from a Quilting Gallery Giveaway and once I used them I knew I was hooked.   I have two shelves done so far(just one is shown) and at least 6 to go…  It’s been eye opening!  WOW!  I have a lot of fabric!  It’s also been great to rediscover some of the great yardage that I have in my stash…my mind is already turning with projects I can work on with it all.

Anything smaller than a 1/4 yard will go into my scrap bins.  I’ve been doing a lot of scrap quilts and I think this will help diversify my stash even more so it’s not like I’m making the same scrap quilts over and over again.

Do you have plans to reorganize clean or your craft area?  Do you just do this when you feel the need or do you have to schedule it in or it will never happen like me?


  1. how sweet that your husband likes your quilts!! and he even made the shelbes for you!! i think he is a keeper. i hand piece and hand quilt all my quilts and donate them to charity. if you ever have scraps, tops etc that you dont thin you will finish, i would be honored to do them for you and donate them. happy holidays babscorbitt@gmail.com

  2. Are Polar Notions fabric boards the same as the comic book boards they sell at comic book stores? That is what I wrap my fabric on. They are sold in packages of 100 - I couldn't believe when I started wrapping how fast I went through the first 100. It's nice when our signifigants will help with a little of their handy work in our sewing rooms. My room is so bad that he took photos the other day. I can at least see the floor now.

  3. Amazing transformation! I have been having the urge to re-organize my sewing closet (not my fabric)! So many tools, threads and accessories that get tossed here and there! I love organizing, but you have to be in thr right frame of mind!

  4. I really need to organize my fabrics! I don't have the space in my sewing room because the washer and dryer live there too, so I keep them stashed in various locations around the house (under the bed). I was thinking of buying clear plastic containers for them. I would like to "see" what I have.


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