A Closer Look at Project QUILTING Pieces, Part 1

I am overwhelmed by the absolutely incredible challenge pieces!  Over 40 quilts were created in just one week for the first Project QUILTING Challenge – String Along with Me.  Over the next few days I’m going to post some ‘Closer Looks’ at all these quilts.  The stories behind them are definitely worth reading!  At anytime this week be sure to head over to the ‘Voting’ post.  You can vote for THREE of your favorite quilts created for this challenge!


1. "Bath Time", 2. elephants mother and child, 3. DSC_0970, 4. Spring Strings, 5. 5D3_6924 PS 4x6, 6. Happiness Farm, 7. strippy geese!, 8. Aspen Sunset Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter: MamaEggo

Bath Time

PQ Season 5, Week 1 - "String along with me"
"Bath Time" - wall quilt measures approximately 25" x 16"

Inspired by the BLANK walls in our bathroom and a shower curtain I LOVE!

I sew during nap time, after the kids go to bed, and any other "free" time I can find in my home studio in Montesano, WA.

Blue background is made from 1.75" and 2.5" strings sewn together then cut at an angle to create a chevron pattern. Wiggly lines were quilted onto the background to make it look like water. Letters are made from strings of varying widths, cut out, then appliqued on. Binding is made from various strings of navy fabrics.

More about the creative process can be found here: www.eggointheoven.blogspot.com


Quilter: adva_p

elephants mother and child

A wall hanging for the String Along challenge. It is 12.5"x16.5". The background is from up to 2.5" grey strips. Appliqued on are mother and child elephants made from strips of selvage. I made a baby quilt with some applique elephants for a baby that will be born in March. This is a sneak peek piece that will be given in a couple of weeks to the expectant parents.


Quilter: Pam Wickman

Baby M Christmas 2014

~ I decided to make something for new grandbaby coming late April. I decided to use the scraps I had of Baby M's parents wedding quilt - plenty of them. Some of them were the proper size; some I adjusted. I used what I had for backing and lining and cotton batting. The name tag on the cuff will be finished after baby has a name. I did machine quilting with my Viking; not a pro at it, but looks ok. The finished size is about 12" x 23". I have scraps left of the quilting front, which I am going to make mini-ornaments with. I freehanded a stocking shape from a grocery bag, I don't like the shape, it looked better when I drew it out??? I can't wait to stuff it with fun things for baby.

Made in Appleton, WI


Quilter:  Quilt Chicken

Spring Strings

26.5" x 11" made 1/6&7/14 for Project Quilting season 5 challenge 1
String quilts can get very chaotic, so my initial idea was to calm it down with lots of white. I chose my scraps while thinking "easter" and eliminated muddy colors and neutrals.
I live and quilt in Lodi WI


Quilter: Nonesuch Exists


This mug rug is 10 by 6 1/2 inches, sized large enough for a mug of tea or coffee and a breakfast treat to accompany it. I call it Flutterbies because of the butterfly print and the wavy fabric weaving. This was my first attempt at weaving fabric, so I wanted to tackle a small project. It turned out well, and I can't wait to try this technique on larger projects. I'm in Oshkosh, WI


Quilters: Janie Kemp, Isabella’s Whimsy

Happiness Farm

String Along with Me, Project QUILTING Season 5 Challenge 1.

This is my first string project to make. I used the Craftsy BOM 2013 class instructions for the March block, but I made a bit of miscalculation on measuring and cutting...oh, well, it still works. The color scheme of blue, yellow and white has long been my favorite. (When I got married in 1972, you couldn't find this color combo...I received a lot of gold; not at all the same.)

The appliqued bird, Little Bird, is from the Penny Sampler online class offered by Rachel at Stitched in Color. One applique technique she taught was slash and turn, then topstitch with sketch stitching.

I used a free motion quilting pattern, Nested Blocks, that I learned from Leah Day on 2 squares, and I fiddled around with other 2 squares.

You may wonder where the Farm comes into the title. Right above the bird's head there is a toile string that has a picture of a barn. :-)

I made this approx. 12X12" mat in my home in College Station, TX using a simple Brother sewing machine...and a (thank goodness) walking foot.

...maybe I should have blogged this...


Quilter: Erinrebeccaz, of Faller Girl

Strippy Geese!

Come hell, high water, and the stomach flu, I completed my Project Quilting challenge this week! I've simply been calling it "strippy geese." It ended up measuring 19.5" X 31.5" (weird, I know), and I envision it being either a table-runner or a wall-hanging. My husband joked that we could hang it up sideways pointing towards the bathroom, since we all seemed to be running to it a lot this week!

Anyway, we are starting to feel a bit better over here, and I'm just happy I got this little number off the list...now on to the next one! Oh, and I'm Erin Zinobile (soon to be Faller), I create in Duncannon, PA, and I posted my process along with a bit of a tutorial on my blog here (in case you want to make one of your own):www.fallergirl.com/strippy-geese-table-runner/

Quilter: Carla Keahey

Aspen Sunset

Project Quilting Entry: Season 5, Challenge 1 from Broomfield, CO. This is a 19" x 28.5" wall hanging. I got to do many new things during the process (this is my third quilt). Mitered borders was new - I wanted it to look like a frame. Each quilting design was new to me. The binding looks pretty shabby in this picture - not so bad in real life. Hahaha!

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