A Closer Look at Project Quilting Pieces, Part 3

Happy Wednesday night!  With over 40 quilts were created in just one week for the first Project QUILTING Challenge – String Along with Me we have quite a few that we need to look closer at – but it’s so worth it!.  At anytime this week be sure to head over to the ‘Voting’ post.  You can vote for THREE of your favorite quilts created for this challenge!


1. image, 2. Heart on a String, 3. Sting-Challenge-Egret, 4. image, 5. Strips and Stars - Project Quilting Season 5 - Challenge 1, 6. pinked dolls, 7. amanda pq challenge, 8. Relaxing Starfish - 01, 9. String Quilt Created with fd's Flickr Toys


Quilter:   Mary DeKort

New Day on the Mountain


Quilter: For Quilts Sake

"Heart on a String"

Made by Pam Geisel of For Quilts Sake in Yellow Springs, Ohio, January 2014 for Project Quilting Season 5, Challenge 1, "String Along With Me"

11.5" x 19"



Quilter: Shout4Joy


11"X 14 1/2"
Created in Muskegon MI

For the String Challenge of Project Quilting Season 5.

When thinking about this project, I saw an Egret with the strings to replace the feathers. So, this little quilt was born. I used more traditional string pieces to make HST blocks for the background where this egret lives.

I blogged a little more about the process here:


Quilter: WayMooreFunQuilts

Lone Star Strings

This table topper is entitled "Lone Star Strings" It is about 30" square. It was made in Tucson, AZ. The tutorial for this star called for paper piecing. Instead of paper which has to be removed a strip at a time, I located my collection of used dryer sheets and sewed my strips onto it for a base. This way there is no need to remove the foundation piece. Nice!!


Quilter: Tina Benson, Slightly Off Quilter

I am Tina from over at Slightly Off Quilter ! As any of you have seen on facebook this is ONE of the 4 that were started for this challenge , but its the only one that got finished in time !

I am located in Dover Plains, NY

This fabulous beauty finished up at 38 x 38 and is going to be donated to the nursing home my mom works at as all 4 are perfect wheelchair size lap quilts !

My 14 year old son and I worked on this challenge together ( though his participation lasted as far as the first night of sewing strip sets together, then watching McGuiver on Amazon Prime became far more important ! go Figure ! )


Quilter:  megan.null

So this is a doll quilt that's 13.5" x 13.5" square. Made from pinked strips of batiks. Straight line quilted and left with edges unfinished to mirror the pinking. Meh, it's okay. Will make some kid happy someday. On to the next challenge! Not everything you make has to be awesome.


Quilter: Amanda Reid

Highly Strung

Project Quilting season 5 Ch 1
By: Amanda Reid..South Africa
Name: 'Highly Strung!'
Size: 11"x26"

A stringy mixture! Was just in the mood to try a tree so gathered strips for a strippy landscape and tree trunk. The tree itself is lengths of wool and bits of silver over sewn with tulle to keep all together. Strips of braid and painted voille also in the landscape as well as a painted voile string for the 'sun' thing! On the hilly bits I thought some highlighting would be nice so used oil pastel sticks!! works nicely!! And also did a strippy bit at the top for the fun of it!. Some metallic thread as well as cotton in the quilting.


Quilter: Quilted Delights

Relaxing Starfish

Hi all, I am Leah From Lake City, SC. I was inspired by an Exploding star tutorial I found here:thoughtandfound.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/oms18/ From there I designed my own layout. The applique part of the challenge really stumped me. I finally decided to go with tiny starfish since the blue strings remind me of the ocean. I call this one "Relaxing Starfish" It is approx. 40 x 56 inches.

Blogged about here: quilteddelights.blogspot.com/2014/01/project-quilting-cha...


Quilter: Lydia Wooten

Sunset in the Reflection of a Sparkling Waterfall

I found Project Quilting on Tuesday so I just wanted to use material on hand. I had a batiks jelly roll, so I sandwiched a piece of muslin I had left over from another project and some batting together and sewed the strips on using the quilt as you go method (this was my first time doing so). I still had room for more quilt top after using the whole jelly roll, so I took a few fat quarters I had and sewed them the other way.

I have named it "Sunset in the Reflection of a Sparkling Waterfall," and I made it in my home in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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