A Closer Look at Project QUILTING Upcycled Pieces, Part 1

Throughout the week I’ll be showing you all ‘closer looks’ at the incredible projects created for the Upcyled Project QUILTING Challenge.  Be sure to head over and cast your VOTE for your FOUR Favorite quilts at some point this week.  And – don’t hesitate to click on an image and leave the creator a comment on what you think of their piece!  We all love to have feedback, encouragement and awe shared. 

1. Redneck Gift Bag, 2. Feel the Love Blankie for my Grandson, 3. Longhorn Luncheon, 4. Mom Remembered, 5. closeup_emerging_mature_tove by Joanna Mack, 6. Happily Ever After, 7. artquilt, 8. amanda upcycle 5, 9. Workin', 10. For the Children Front Created with fd's Flickr Toys


(1) Callmelyds, Lydia Wooten

Redneck Gift Bag

Ok, so here is what I came up with. I FMQed a flower on printer paper then sewed the paper together to make a bag. The flower was supposed to be green on the outside, but after I sewed it all I learned that I couldn't fold it inside out. To get the "three layers stitched together" and to make it more sturdy, I layered plastic bags, sewed them together then sewed them to the paper. I'm not sure if anyone would ever want to receive a gift in this, but here it is! My "Upcycled Quilt."  From Virginia Beach, VA and this bag is 8" by 11"

(2) Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting

Feel the Love

Marcia Wachuta
Marcia's Crafty Sewing and Quilting
Boscobel, Wisconsin

I decided to make a tag baby quilt/blankie for my grandson using recycled fabrics. I wanted to make a blankie that my grandson could feel the LOVE from his Grandmama and Grandpapa in the US. I will be traveling to the Netherlands to take it to him in March. I will give him lots of love, not just the blankie! I selected lots of textures for the blankie. My two materials that are not intended for clothes or quilts are the yellow shammy and the dish towel with the red ruffle. I added a shirt and a vest and a tote bag tab and a package ribbon for the tags. I cut up an old flannel pillowcase for the backing fabric. I posted about my project on my blog: marciascraftysewing.blogspot.com/2014/01/feel-love-blanki...
Another fun quilted project for Project Quilting completed! Thanks Kim and Diane for inspiring us to create!

(3) Carla Keahey

Longhorn Luncheon

Project Quilting Season 5: Upcycled Entry. This tablecloth is made up of two burnt orange curtains, and one white curtain for the appliqued longhorns. Washers and ribbon form a system at each corner for anchoring it in place in the wind. It measures approximately 50x85, and was made by me in Broomfield, CO.

(4) Pam Wickman

Mom Remembered

Here is project completed. I added a magnet from my refrigerator that says Angels Among Us. I attached by sandwiching the quilt between two magnets. It has a string of pearls through the case that was her necklace. Ironically it is right below a quilt bar that my dad just made, and the angels on the shelf were also my moms. Regardless of whether it qualifies or not for the challenge, I am glad it gave me the opportunity to use the piece, and it will be hung in my sewing room! Thank you Project Quilting.


(5) joanna66604

Slithy Toves in Brillig

Joanna Mack entry in Upscale Challenge. I quilt in Akron, Ohio. Completed "Slithy Toves in Brillig." My concept derives from Lewis Carroll's poem "Jabberwocky,"

`Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
Did gyre and gimble in the wabe

The triangles are the slithy toves, the circles are the tove eggs, and plain triangles are juvenile toves, and the purple wavy strips are the wabe. I've interpreted brillig to be the point at which fully mature toves emerge (gyre and gimble) from the golden creches.

Made with dyed tablecloths, marbleized paper, mylar, crinkled paper strips, color catchers, old jewelry. Attached with thread and fabric glue. Also used colored pencils, markers, Lumiere fabric paint. Fuller description of my process is on my blog snarkyquilter.wordpress.com/2014/01/21/am-i-up-to-the-upc....


(6 ) cinnamonchip

Happily Ever After

I used the fabrics from the crib skirt that I made for my oldest kiddo (and we stopped using when it started collecting dust under the crib). My wedding bouquet is getting old and had started falling apart–I wanted to save the pieces and make something special out of them. And then I also used the rock and stick collection that we gradually accumulate as the boys bring them in after playing outside. I’m calling it “Happily Ever After”. You can’t see it in the picture, but there’s a little hand quilted heart in the bottom corner. It’s going to go up in our master bedroom.

(7) rutigt


"No Clothing", 7" x 11". Bathing towel, furniture fabric, pillowcase, tablecloth, wooden pearls, paper spoles. That´s all you need for a wall hanging quilt :) Read more about it on my blog! http://rutigt.wordpress.com

(8) Amanda Reid, Cotton N Lace

My Bin Has Bling In!

Amanda Reid South Africa
PQ 5 CH 2 Upcycle
Name: My Bin Has Bling In!

I found the broken frame while cleaning out the garage amongst other stuff...it has a board for the back..the curtains are old ones from linen cupboard..and the glittery background was a long evening dress! ..The vase is cardboard...painted bronze and kids glitter glue and papery small flowers from my card design days,,The beady things are leftovers from when I embellish boring lamp shades..The curtains were sewn onto the background but actually most the applique was done with a staple gun!...I will put this in my 'windowless' studio (garage) one day....



9) Kim Wells, Mama Eggo


Project Quilting Season 5, Week 2 - Upcycled challenge

Workin' - a wall hanging
Made from baby clothes, a paper bag, a children's book, and pieces of a kids toy

This project is FAR from my "usual" and much more abstract than anything I have ever sewn. It was fun to challenge myself not only with the upcycled challenge requirements but with my own goal to work outside my comfort zone during at least one challenge this season!

I sew in my home studio in Montesano, WA during naps and after my two boys go to bed.

For more about the creative process for this project, please visit my blog!

(10) megan.null

For the Children

Clippings of children raw-edge appliqued and bound with masking tape. I chose this title and subject because health is important not just for the short run, but for the children and all the generations that come after us.

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