A Closer Look at Project QUILTING Upcycled Pieces, Part 3

Earlier today I posted a tutorial for the 5th block in the 52 Blocks: Twisted Tradition Quilt Along I’m running during 2014.  It’s a fun twist on the Sugar Bowl Block…I’ll give you a hint on what I twisted it into – “What does the Fox Say?” 

But now we’re going to take a closer look at 10 more incredible projects created for the Upcyled Project QUILTING Challenge.  Be sure to head over and cast your VOTE for your FOUR Favorite quilts at some point this week.  And – don’t hesitate to click on an image and leave the creator a comment on what you think of their piece!  We all love to have feedback, encouragement and awe shared.

1. Craft Time, 2. Nature is Calling, 3. image, 4. bikes and babies, 5. Hay Wagon, 6. House Pincushion, 7. Beachy Daze- upscale challenge, 8. 1743396_10201976037857397_1907799025_n, 9. image, 10. PQ 5.2 Picnic Blanket Created with fd's Flickr Toys

(21) Sara Yeager, sayeager57

Craft Time

Done!!!! This is named "Craft Time". A two-sided craft apron for my granddaughter baby Reagan. She'll grow into it, LOL. The horse feed bag side is for painting and the polka dot flannel side is for coloring creations. The crayon pockets are felt trimmed with rick-rack and pompoms. The apron is trimmed with felt and I used an extra pair of shoelaces for the ties. This was fun!!! Plant City, Florida

(22) miranda’s place

Nature is Calling

This is my Project Quilting up cycle entry. I started out with an old pair of jeans, Christmas ornaments and an old quilt. As I worked of figuring out what to do, I found some potpourri that was crying out to be added. I liked how all the browns, cream and gold worked with the denim background. Everything made me think of being outdoors and at peace with nature.
I'm Miranda and I quilt in Georgia.

(23) Barbarba Moore, Waymoorefunquilts

"On Being Green"

is what I have named this 12"square piece designed and made in Tucson, AZ. After studying the rules of the challenge and how all recycled items should not be from pieces of clothing, I went out to the garage to study the shelves!
I found the burlap and used it for background and backing. A mesh bag that held scented pinecones was cut and used as backdrop for the paint chip trees, and again in the base for the trees whose trunks are made from the mesh bag's drawstring handle. The foreground pieces are laminate countertop samples. That stars are two layers of metallic and wood, both leftover from previous craft projects. The most unique feature is the packing paper binding. I made it as I would for a cloth quilt and stitched it to the front, then turned toward the back and fused it to secure. Thanks, Kim, for a second great challenge for Season V!!

(24) erinrebbecaz, Faller Girl

bikes and babies

this is my project for this week's project quilting challenge "upcycle." the photos are ones that my husband and I made at my
Aunt Cordelia's photography studio in Charlotte, NC back when we were dating. I pieced the triangles out of fabric from two old dresses--the turquoise fabric was a white dress, that I hand-dyed. And they are strung together by two necklaces that I bought from the Goodwill many years ago. Up until this project, they were hanging on a mannequin in my basement. I guess I will have to go thrift store shopping to get my mannequin some new jewelry! All in all, this piece is about 7" by 19" or 7" by 35" if you count all the dangling chains. And I live and create in Duncannon PA. Thanks for reading!


(25) Jan, Fatzaz

On My Way to the Funny Farm

On My Way To The Funny Farm quilt for Project Quilting Challenge. Upcycled denim jeans, overdyed feed sacks, chop sticks, wire, wool I forgot I had that I never dyed, glittery foamie from the bottom of a craft drawer, a bad nuno scarf and Nebraska commemorative coins, buttons, and old linens, all from the bottom of auction boxes. Size is 38" x 22", made by Jan K in SE South Dakota, January 25th, 2014.

(26) Leah, Quilted Delights

House Pincushion

Leah from Lake City, SC. I really struggled with this challenge. I am not one to upcycle anything. I usually give away old clothes and unwanted items, so I was racking my brain trying to come up with an idea. Finally near the end of the week I had the pincushion Idea pop into my head.

I have a bin full of old denim pieces that I cut from worn out jeans. I save them to use as patches when needed. I decided the denim would make great walls for a cute little house pincushion.

I added some fringe, beading, and yarn as vegetation. These items came from my daughter who had salvaged them from other items.

The two items I added that usually can't be found on a quilt are a bottle cap, and a CD. I put the bottle cap as a wall decoration. It reminds me of the quilt images that can bee seen on the side of barns. I used the CD to make the windows. I cut it into tiny squares and glued them on.

I appliqued the brown door to stay within the guidelines. The door is an old piece of felt that has been tucked away in a drawer.

The roof is denim covered in a gold mesh. Another treasure from my daughters stash.

Pincushion measures 3 inches wide x 4 inches tall.

(27) Janie, Isabella’s Whimsy

Beachy Daze

Project QUILTING Season 5, Upscale Challenge.
I made this 9X13" wall hanging with scruffy old blue jeans pieces (water), a favorite blue blouse that had seen the best of its time (sky), an old linen valance (sand) and is embellished with found seashells and a bit of yarn. The foam of the waves is tulle. The seaweed at the shoreline is a bit of the yarn tail from an UFO. I enjoyed the quilting lines and adding the teal stitches to the water.
I used blouse fabric to bind the top edge, but opted to leave the sides and slanting bottom unbound. I added quick-triangles and a skewer for hanging. The backing is another piece of the linen valance.

This quilt was made by me in my home in College Station, TX.

(28) Alyssa Carrion

Stuffie Quiet Time Mat

And here is our finished Mat... We've named it the Stuffie Quiet Time Mat. My 5 year old sewed all of the stuffies onto the old pillowcase that is her brother's favorite because it's soft. The "batting" is an old chip bag and wipe bag so it crinkles. And the backing and binding are both old baby blankets.

(29) The Stylish Home

For the Birds

"For the Birds" I started with an empty feed sack. I cut it down to a more manageable size. The interior is lined with an on old sheet (didn't know we were limited to 5 picture uploads a day, next time I will post as I go). The gingham was a scrap that was cut and stained and I pulled it out wondering why I even had it....but I think it is PERFECT for this bag! The back pocket is made from the cover of a fabric book, and the handle is two shirt sleeves. I started collecting these bags from local people when I found out they are not recyclable. Thank you for finally giving me the courage and forcing me to find the time to pick one up and do something with it!

(30) waggonswest

Picnic Blanket

Challenge: Upcycle. Must include elements of quilting, be made from recycled materials and use 2 elements not intended for quilt or clothing.

Season Goal: larger, functional quilts.

This quilt is made from old blue jeans and a few other clothes. The top is raw edge applique. The backing and binding are pieces of a plastic billboard covering. The quilt is secured with a hand-forged s-hook and some rescued ribbon.

The quilt measures 44x64 inches. And was made near St Louis, MO.

More details on my blog. twasbrilligand.blogspot.com/2014/01/project-quilting-52-l...


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