A Closer Look at Project QUILTING Upcycled Pieces, Part 4

But now we’re going to take one last closer look at 10, well actually 11, more incredible projects created for the Upcyled Project QUILTING Challenge.  Be sure to head over and cast your VOTE for your FOUR Favorite quilts at some point before the end of the week.  And – don’t hesitate to click on an image and leave the creator a comment on what you think of their piece!  We all love to have feedback, encouragement and awe shared.

1. Butterflies from the Bin 2, 2. Upcycle quilt, 3. Paper Sea Quilt, 4. foldingchair_finished, 5. Moms tree, 6. Christmas Jewelry Wall Hanging with some jewelry added, 7. "Pockets" by Trudy Brule, 8. by Kris Mccoy for the Project QUILTING Upcycle Challenge, 9. Don't Eat Yellow Snow, 10. " Pretty Dirty " Laundry Bag Created with fd's Flickr Toys

(31) Quilties

Butterflies from the Bin

Project Quilting 5:2 Upcycled Challenge

The base of this project is a rag rug (100% recycled materials) with three layers of a sheer curtain appliqu├ęd on in cloud-like shapes. The butterflies are from the recycling bin. I found lots of fun images and colors from packaging, magazine pages, etc. Some of the other cool things I used were an old valentine, paint chips, some orphan patchwork blocks, ATCs I never sent and the blue security envelope printing. Each one surprised me with how pretty my garbage could be! I arranged them in neat rows to admire, just like the butterfly collection at Reiman Gardens Butterfly Exhibit.

3'x2' Made in Urbandale, IA by Emma Thomas-McGinnis

(32) Carlotta Jean

My Upcycled Heart

Project QUILTING, Season 5: Challenge 2–Upcycled
Made by Carla in Dodge City, Kansas


Blogged here: createinthesticks.blogspot.com/2014/01/my-upcycled-heart....

Size 10 1/2" x 10 1/2"

Outdoor Valentine Wall

An old vinyl poster, shopping bags, and a tarnished piece of costume jewelry were my ingredients.
This little wall hanging is completely weather proof and can hang by the front door.

The poster was going to the trash at work
and the colors of the poster were the inspiration of a Valentine theme.
The poster is a heavy vinyl and challenged my sewing machine a little
and my old scissors, a lot.
The shopping bag became the back and binding.

(33) Jen Sews

Paper Sea Quilt

I am Jen Sews and this is my challenge 2 quilt. It is about 8" by 8". I used watercolors to paint some black and white newspaper comics. I cut out the pattern called Turn About fromwww.quilterscache.com. Then I glued the pattern and pieces to another sheet of newspaper. I sewed down each piece through the 3 layers of paper. I also added some marker to some of the stitching lines, some buttons and some stickers from a thrift store. The frame held a picture at my moms house for a number of years. I do my sewing in Colorado.

(34) Sew Many Possibilities

Upcycled Folding Chair

Challenge #2! Upcycled folding chair. Cushions covered with patchwork made from old shirts. Chair & Staples = 2 items not meant for quilts or clothes. Blog post at www.trinapeterson.com
I create in Madison, WI!

(35) tjtruesdale

Mom’s Tree

So this week I have spent the week watching my mom slowly decline. We put her in hospice a week ago. 3 1/2 hours from home with no sewing machine. On Sunday morning I scavenged my moms house and found stuff and finished it just in time to get communion at the Hospice house. Then decided last night as I was bored to add some beads and buttons. Will try to write a blog tonight about it. Here is my Wallhanging.

(36) virpalm

Christmas Jewelry Wall Hanging

I have been thinking of making a wall hanging to display my jewelry, and thought this was the perfect project for this challenge. I used an old denim shirt for the background, cut it into strips and sewed the strips together. Then I cut up the green dog food bag into strips and sewed them together. After sewing I cut it into a tree shape and appliqued it to the denim fabric using zig zag stitch. I was going to decorate it with mardi gras beads but decided to go with the gold rick rack instead. I also used the gold rick rack for the star at the top. I painted a big button gold and sewed it on top of the rick rack at the top of the tree for the star, then painted it with gold glitter paint. I found the lacy stuff in my stash and decided it would look good around the edges. I used an old t-shirt for batting and for the back of the wall hanging. I used some Christmas fabric for the binding.

Forgot to add the size. 26 inches long by 18 inches wide. Made at my home in Maxwell, Iowa.

(37) Trudy Brule

Upcycled Pockets.

By Trudy Brule in McFarland, WI
The project quilting one week challenge for 1/26/14 week 2
Size 22" x 42"

Completed 1/25/14

As I was thinking about the project I came up with the idea that everyone has pockets in their life so I would create a story in pockets about 3 men who I loved who are now gone for this earth. Treasures or possibilities of treasures that could be found while preparing clothes for the laundry. (Perhaps the sign of the boy in the man, sans tails, snails and puppy dog tails.)

I have included pockets from old shirts in my fabric stash. I have also included ties that belonged to these three men.

I chose this color way because it worked with what I had to up cycle and they are all a variation of red, white and blue since all were veterans. The striped fabric is from St.Vinnies. The quilt has batting scraps pieced together, a backing from the same stash of St. Vinnies fabric and piece of an old sheet. It is quilted by machine. The "hard" items are attached with yarn left over from an old crewel kit I got back in the 1970s.

I used log cabin variation blocks because all 3 men liked to build things. Two of them built houses thus the log cabin variation was colored on two ends of the blocks. Each is a different height to represent the height of each man.

1. My dad who loved to garden and fish and was most resourceful in "upcycling and repurposing unimaginable things. He would dress up In a suit and tie if he had to but usually wore a flannel shirt. Sears was where he would buy his suits and ties. He was a great cook both at home and in his own restuarant. After spending time in the South Pacific in the US Navy he came back home to Wisconsin to marry his high school sweetheart, build ships, install sheetrock and father 8 kids. He seemed tall to me but was actually 5'8"

2. My husband Terry, who had a great ear for music. Although he couldn't read a note he created amazing music on his accordion and keyboard as the leader of his own band. He played the bagpipes in the Zor Shrine Pipes and Drums and loved all things Scottish, even tho his heritage was 100% French. He was great fan of Al Jolson and even presented a portrait of Al to the Winter Garden Theatre in NYC. (It still hangs in the lobby. He embraced many new technologies from tape recorders to computers. At 6'4" he was the tallest of the three. His day job required a suit, tie and usually a white shirt.

3. My husband Mark could build anything from houses to toast tongs. He could fell a tree with only the help of a a large rope and chain saw. He could repair just about anything. He spoke fluent Italian while spending 7 years in northern Italy as a paratrooper in the US Army. He loved all things Italian and especially their fine clothes. Once he got back to the US he found cotton shirts and jeans more to his liking. A Norwegian from McFarland he knew about all the properties of many different kinds of hardwood. His work precise to 1/64". (Something I could never accomplish in my quilting. But then fabric stretches better than wood. ) He was 5'11".

All of my guys loved to fish, were veterans and were honored at their funerals with a 21 gun salute. (Shells) I wanted to include many more things on the quilt but it became too busy. Deep inside the pockets are items too difficult to symbolize on a quilt: a smile, a whistle, a chuckle, a twinkle in the eye, a dimple, kindness, love and hugs and memories. Stuck deep in the seams are a few "naughty words".

The project looks different then I imagined it would but it was a fun process coming up with a idea and then pulling it all together. When I viewed the photograph it appears to have perspective. What will I use it for? I haven't decided. I might hang it in my laundry room to put things found in pockets. Next time I will scale the project down to a smaller size.

(38) Kris McCoy

Here is my finished wall hanging. Made from my hubbies old work jeans, a tie dyed shirt, 2different curtains and dollar store jewelry!!!!

Created this in houston tx
28.5x 14.5

(39) Abby Fuller

Don’t Eat Yellow Snow

My little art quilt finished up about 20.5 by 22.5 inches. I made it from old clothes, a rust-dyed washcloth (used, of course), paperclips, and thread snarls from the edge of washed fabrics. I quilt in Idaho, and you can read more about this quilt on my blog, quiltiverse.com/2014/01/upcycle-challenge-quilt-part-three/

(40) Slightly Off Quilter, Tina Benson

“Pretty Dirty” Laundry Bag

I think this was pretty ingenious, and it has the added bonus of being useful AND cute ! Personal points for me on that ! Considering I was thinking of not even participating this week due to lack of brain function, I think this came out pretty sharp !



Even though Diane doesn’t count for the public vote you all really do need to see a closer look at the quilt she made this week.

Quilter: Diane Lapacek

A Garden of Thrift

Made for Project Quilting Upcycle Challenge

I started with a linen towel that I had dyed. I've been dyeing vintage linens for some time and had fancier linens available but liked the more rustic look of this one. I layered it with batting and used a piece of another hand dyed linen for a backing and quilted it very simply. I wanted to keep the look of the linen, so I stayed an inch or so away from the edge, then trimmed the batting 1/4" smaller and the backing 1/4" larger than the front. I pressed the backing under and topstitched close to the edge.

I found some green upholstery samples, butted them up side by side and zigzagged them together. I then cut them on the bias so that they would stretch easily to curve for stems. I attached them to the quilted towel by zigzagging on both raw edges.

Then the real fun began. I pulled out my box of miscellaneous stuff I've collected that I thought I or my granddaughters might use one day. Interestingly, those granddaughters, ages 7, 5 and 2 are all sleeping peacefully while I write this, but were negotiating for extra time before they go home tomorrow because we didn't even get to do art projects tonight. Anyhow, I found some mesh bags that once held hams or citrus fruit or something, some mylar type bags, an old chenille bathrobe that i had dyed, cheap mardi gras beads, some leftover pieces of cutter quality hand dyed vintage linens ( I had used parts of them to make a bag), a really cheap old blouse I'd dyed because it had some embroidery on it (also covered buttons). some scraps of starry garland I used to use to make halos for angels, pearls from a broken necklace, pieces of tie dyed t-shirts, discarded fancy girls dresses, a girl scout cookie bag, a wine cork, a plastic ball from an old ponytail band. and used buttons. All of these things found their way into the flowers.

finished size 16" x 45"

Made by Diane Lapacek in Poynette, WI.

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