Design Wall Time Lapse

I have quite a few deadlines in the next few weeks.  All the ideas and projects in my mind and have been taking it’s toll on me.  I had to get something DONE!


January 17th, 3:14pm

So…it all started on Friday.  The main thing I accomplished were putting together the Spool portion of all 37 of my blocks for the Sunflower Block Exchange.  These need to be mailed out by February 7th so it was really time for me to get these done and out of my head.  I actually made 40 because I’m saving three for myself for a different little project I want to do.

While  was working on the spools I also worked on the ‘Snow White’ block of my Fairy Tale Paper Piecing BOM January Goal for this month.

While I was doing that I was also working on my Modern Log Cabin Blocks (below the Sunflower Spools) for the Riley Blake Modern Quilt Guild Challenge (don’t worry…there will be a separate post on this and I plan on writing a pattern for it too).

AND while  was doing all that I made three more ‘Homeward Bound Fish’ Blocks so I can make a big pillow pillow out of some ‘swimming fish’.

So…can you tell I have a hard time focusing?  I was working on four projects all at the same time….

Saturday, January 18th – 7:53AM

By the end of the night on Friday I had also added the ‘stems’ to some of the Sunflower Spool Flower blocks…

Saturday, January 18th: 10:17AM

Here you can see that I FINISHED all of my ‘Sunflower Spool Flower Blocks’.

Saturday, January 18th: 5:13PM

The sunflower blocks are off the wall and the focus has shifted to the Modern Log Cabin blocks.  Once I had three blocks made – one in each color scheme it was time to get down to business and finish these babies up.

I also finished the Witch block!  10 down – just 2 more to go before the end of the month.

Sunday, January 19th: 8:18pm

By the end of the weekend I had accomplished -

1.  Snow White Block

2.  40 Sunflower Spool Blocks – made, signed and ready to ship

3.  The Witch Block

4.  A Sunflower Spool pillow top pieced and ready for quilting


5.  A Homeward Bound Fish pillow top pieced and ready for quilting (it didn’t fit on my design wall…)

6.  12 Modern Log Cabin Blocks for the Riley Blake Challenge

I have to say – I’m pretty happy with the progress I made this weekend.


  1. are you doing any alice in wonderland blocks for your fairytale quilt? I'm thinking along the lines of "the mad quilter," instead of the mad hatter!!! you rock!

  2. Wow! You should be pleased with what you got done! That's amazing!


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