Etsy Thursday

Due to the fact that I tend to overcommit myself in life, I recently had to leave an etsy team that I LOVED and really helped me get decent hits and views to my etsy shops.  In replace of that I’m going to feature an item from each of my etsy shop each week on Thursday.   I know this is not going to come close to replacing the team I had to leave (but hope to go back to someday).


So…let’s see the two Items I picked to feature today!

coneflowers in the sun

First…this fabulous Patchwork Pillow Case – Fractured Coneflowers in the Sun from my etsy shop PersimonDreams.  These fabulous artsy pillow cases would look great for any couch or bed.  They are made from my original spoonflower fabric which was created using photo’s I took of coneflowers at my orchard.

Now it’s time to show off a fun piece of jewelry from my etsy shop TheApple.

Autumn Raindrop earrings

I went on a jewelry making binge in November – these are one of my favorite pairs that I made then:  The Autumn Rain Teardrops made using Mykonos Greek Ceramic Beads.  They’re beautiful, eye catching, classic.  A great pair to wear with pretty much any outfit.

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