The Cleanse

Nope – not THAT kind of cleanse.  I did an organizing cleanse of my quilting room between Christmas and New Year’s.  This is the time of year I bring my sewing machine into the shop to be maintenance and really cleaned out well.

WARNING.  Some of these photo’s show an insane chaotic mess of creations in progress.  Don’t worry…after each ‘messy’ picture you will see the image of the state the room is in now.









And now that I have my main room organized…I’m ready to work on the first Project QUILTING Challenge which goes up tomorrow!


  1. I'm so happy to see these pictures; they make me believe I can get my sewing room in order too :-)

  2. I've been on an organizing streak, too. Re-folding fabrics, putting them away, finding better ways to keep things neat. Your space is great, I sew in the guest room.

  3. Your after pictures give me hope for my own messy sewing area! Looking forward to a Project Quilting challenge this week!

  4. Well done! It seems like I am always mid-put-away. Some months are better than others.

  5. Love the before and after pictures. And your fabric organization is tremendous. I'm jealous.

  6. Wow! You must have worked very hard to get it all so tidy! My sewing room is tiny and I have been wondering about storage as I am expanding, you have given me some great ideas about what is needed, thank you.
    P.S I bet you knew where everything was in the before pics artist's mind may appear like a whirlwind to outsiders, but it all makes sense to us. :)

  7. What a fantastic sewing room! You had your work cut out for you, but it all came together! I just reorganized my tool/accessories closet yesterday and thought that was a big project!


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