WIPs to Finish in 2014

What is a WIP?  Well – it stands for ‘Work In Progress’ and I would say it’s a bit of an inside joke amongst quilter’s how many WIPs we all have sitting in our drawers and on our shelves just waiting for us to finish.  Well, yesterday I decided to put my WIPs up on my design wall, snap a picture, and keep a list of how many WIPs I can finish this year.

Let’s take a look…

Mix It Up Blocks

This is a mixture of a couple of different Quilt Along’s/BOM’s that I participated in in 2012.  It’s going to be amazing…I just have to finish it!!!

2012 Craftsy BOM

Squarey Typewriter Quilt

This is my typewriter squarey quilt.  I started it last year and I am using my original spoonflower fabrics that I created using photo images I took of a vintage typewriter.  I’m combining the monochromatic typewriter prints with pink and orange hand-dyes…this is definitely going to make a statement!  I still need to make some more squarey blocks but I also need to figure out some sort of ‘direction’.  As I look at this I’m feeling adding in a few bits of solid black fabric could add some interesting drama…I’ll definitely have to do some playing yet…

Fabric Fascination BOM

These are the 12 blocks I have from the Fabric Fascination BOM in 2012.  It looks to me like I did LOTS of BOMs in 2012 but didn’t finish many of them!  Oops!  I am actually considering making these blocks into a couple of patchwork pillows…I’m not 100% decided on that though yet…but I think that would be fun and it would show something different you can do when you join in a Quilt Along.

Hand Dyed Waves

I made this at a Quilt by Barb Quilt Retreat for the mini project.  I really love where it is at so far…but it needs something else.  It’s still marinating with me what it needs but hopefully this year inspiration will hit and I can finish this baby out!

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