A Closer Look at Project QUILTING Sweet Treat Challenges, Part 1

For the third challenge in a row, over 40 incredible quilts were inspired by the Sweet Treat Project QUILTING Challenge!  How amazing is that!?

I know that I am beyond impressed!  Throughout the week we’ll be taking closer looks at each of the projects and learning more about which ‘sweet treat’ was each quilter’s inspiration.  Before Saturday night, be sure to head over to the Public Voting poll and cast your vote for your FOUR favorite quilts created!

1. "Feel the Rainbow", 2. Happy Easter Peeps!, 3. Necco Wafers, 4. halloween_hanger_1, 5. DSC_0008, 6. Sweet Heart, 7. I Heart Grandchildren, 8. Candy Polaroid's Created with fd's Flickr Toys

(1) MamaEggo

Feel the Rainbow

Project Quilting Season 5, Challenge 3 - Sweet Treats

Measures 40" x 45" - Quilters cotton for top and back - with cotton batting between the layers

I create in my home sewing studio in Montesano, WA when my two boys allow me to - usually just at nap time and after they go to bed!

I share LOTS about this quilt on my blog - eggointheoven.blogspot.com/2014/02/PQS5C3Finish.html

Here are the highlights:

I LOVE fruity / gummy candies - and Skittles are one of my favorites. Thanks to the Seahawks star Marshawn Lynch, my 3-year-old has been running around our house yelling "Beast MODE!" and "Skittles - taste the rainbow!" for weeks (we are big Seahawks fans.... and Marshawn is well known for his love of Skittles).

With the Seahawks win coming the day of the challenge being posted, I just had to combine these two! And... since skittles are round, not square, I challenged myself to work with circles. I had been itching to make a rainbow quilt for a long time now.... but was picturing something "cleaner" - maybe a chevron design? But..... I am here to challenge myself - so I got to work looking at ideas using circles - and playing around with things that I wondered about.

The result is this quilt, "Feel the Rainbow" - - - named for the snuggly, "raggy" seams I used. I LOVE how it turned out (even better than I was picturing) - and I took lots of pictures during the sewing process - and have plans for another similar quilt - so I can share a how-to / tutorial in the future!

The methods I used are adapted from a tutorial by Amy Gibson for Moda Bake Shop - Cathedral Windows Playmat - Though I made a bunch of changes and went for a raw-edged feel.

(2) Quilts by Lisa

Happy Easter Peeps!

This table runner was made in Kentucky for Project QUILTING, Season 5, Challenge 3–Sweet Treats. It is about 15" x 34".

I took the "inspired by candy" idea very literally and made a table runner with candy on it. I had seen the pattern for paper pieced Peeps a while back and this challenge was the perfect time to use it. I enlarged the pattern to make my bunnies nearly 7 1/2 inches tall.

The bunnies are paper pieced from a free pattern by Jennifer Ofenstein which is available at sewhooked.com/free-quilt-patterns/

(3) Joanna66604

Necco Wafers

Chalky pastel chevrons echo tubes of Necco wafers, a Sunday childhood treat. The blue flange and the red back of this pillow reflect the packaging. You can read more about the making of this pillow at snarkyquilter.wordpress.com/2014/02/07/this-candy-wont-ro.... It's approximately 14 by 21 inches, and was created in Akron, Ohio.

(4) SewManyPossibilities

Halloween Hanger

Project Quilting Challenge 3 (candy). I created the paper piecing patterns for these three blocks and made them into a wall-hanging. Finished size: 9.5" x 21.5". I create in Sun Prairie, WI. Read more about this project and find the pattern at www.trinapeterson.com.

(5) Carla Keahey

Monkey Love Preschool Pouches

I had a lot of fun creating these with my four year old for his preschool friends. They will hold a box of crayons, and a few candies. The red ribbon has each child's name on it, and is reminiscent of red licorice. The conversation hearts are preschool appropriate and modern. These are about 5"x6". I create in Broomfield, CO. keahey.blogspot.com/2014/02/project-quilting-challenge-3-...

( 6) Nonesuch Exists

Sweet Heart

For this third Project Quilting challenge, I created a pillow cover to celebrate the fun of Valentine's Day. I used candy hearts with words as my inspiration and did a faux chenille heart on a chocolate candy fabric. I appliqued the word "Sweet" onto the pillow as well, in the spirit of all the phrases on candy hearts. On the back, I held the pillow cover together with three heart buttons. The pillow cover is approximately 24 x 24, and I create in Oshkosh, WI.

(7) Pam Wickman

I Heart Grandchildren

A soft blankie for baby.

(8) nkdolin

Candy Polaroid's

Made for Project Quilting Season 5 Challenge 3- Candy! I have always collected candy fabric with the hopes of making a large candy quilt someday. Here is a small one, about 20" X 22". I made the Polaroid's, turned them kind of wonky and then echo quilted it with my walking foot and used FMQ for the words. Forgot to lower my feed dogs for a few of the words- oh well! Fast feet, slow hands; this is the motto of free motion quilting!

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