A Closer Look at Project QUILTING Challenge Sweet Treats, Part 5

Tonight we’re going to take a closer look at the last eight of the Sweet Treat Project QUILTING Challenge projects and learning more about which ‘sweet treat’ was each quilter’s inspiration.  Before tomorrow night, be sure to head over to the Public Voting poll and cast your vote for your FOUR favorite quilts created!

1. Bargello with a 'Pop!, 2. Peep mug rug!, 3. project quilting lollipop, 4. Sweet Spots, 5. "Sweet for the Sweet' from Polly Vandiver, 6. 'Supersized Nerds' by Bethany Schultz for Project QUILTING's 'Sweet Treat' Challenge, 7. Pinata by Ashley Kilgore for Project QUILTING 'Sweet Treat' Challenge, 8. "Big Kiss" by Kristin McCoy for Project QUILTING's Sweet Treat Challenge Created with fd's Flickr Toys

(35) Callmelyds

Bargello with a Pop

This pillow was made in Virginia Beach and is 15" by 12". I was inspired by the heart lollipops on the long white sticks, and the purple reminds me of Wonka wrappers. This is my first time trying Bargello and appliqué! My pillow is named "Bargello with a 'Pop" because it has lollipops instead of a twist. Since the pink fabric is flannel, this pillow has both a cold and a warm side!

(36) tjtruesdale

Peep Mug Rug

(37) Jen Sews


This a doll quilt for my little niece. It s about 14" square. I used a pattern that I modified a little bit from the parfaitcafe.com/?p=401. I am Jen Sews and I quilt in Ellicott CO.

(38) Quiltiverse

Sweet Spots

Inspired by M&M candies, made for the Project Quilting challenge. This little cutey is 14 by 19 inches, made here in Deary, Idaho. Blogged here: quiltiverse.com/2014/02/sweet-treats-challenge-quilt/

(39) Polly V

Sweet for the Sweet

This quilted bib is named, "Sweet for the Sweet" because I made it for my sweetest great granddaughter, Ella Rose.  By the way she is my only GGD, along with 1 granddaughter, her mom,  9 grandsons, and 1 great grandson.  I started by collecting sweets packages from my pantry, mostly chip packages,  and printed them onto printer ready fabric.  I then cut them out and fused them to the bib.  At this point I finished the bib using some left over Easter fabric, then added the lace trim and hanging conversation hearts.  Finally, I quilted it.   I live, babysit Ella, and quilt in Oklahoma City, OK.

(40) Bethany Schultz

Supersized Nerds

Here is my entry. It is a table runner. When I thought of candy my
first thoughts were bright colors, round shape. We have been snowed in
here for a number of days so my first couple thoughts I couldn't do
because I couldn't go to the store. So I made do with what I had on

I call it 'Supersized Nerd(s)'

Thanks so much-
Bethany Schultz

(41) Ashley Kilgore


Name: Ashley Kilgore
Location: Houston, TX
Creative Process:  The first thing that came to mind when I saw this weeks challenge was a piñata.  So, rather than pine and try and come up with something else, I just went with it.
I pieced the tree with the "sky” and “grass”.
Then, I cut two heart shapes out of some tie die fabric, sewed it together and turned it inside out.  I tried to make it look like a broken heart (piñatas live to be smashed). I cut short pieces of rainbow rick rack and sewed them onto the heart.  Since it got SO THICK after I did this I had to sew the heart onto the background from the back BEFORE I quilted it.  I used gold rick rack for the “rope” and sewed on pieces of strawberry candy (I used the strawberry candy because they were the only ones I could find at walmart that had sewable wrapping..  Which is okay because it goes with the outdoor theme).  I also added a few felt flowers and some butterflies to try and bring it together.  I’ve never done anything like this before.  It was pretty interesting to do and I look forward to the next project!!!  -Ash

(42) Kris McCoy

Big Kiss

Kristin McCoy from Houston TX
"Big Kiss"
Choose this candy because its my boys favorite candy and these are the kisses they want from mommy!!!!


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