A Closer Look at Project QUILTING Challenge Sweet Treats, Part 4

This morning we’re going to take a closer look at nine more of the Sweet Treat Project QUILTING Challenge projects and learning more about which ‘sweet treat’ was each quilter’s inspiration.  Before Saturday night, be sure to head over to the Public Voting poll and cast your vote for your FOUR favorite quilts created!

1. Chocolate Covered Cherries PQ 5.3, 2. SOQ - " I Love Candy " - Project Quilting Season 5 - Challenge 3, 3. Lollipop Orchard, 4. challenge 3 PQ 5, 5. Close up, 6. candycrushbag_2, 7. 20140209_104938, 8. Project Quilting Season 5 #3, 9. 102_1356 Created with fd's Flickr Toys


(26) Sharonhuismith

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Table Runner 42x20" by Sharon in MI
When I realized that I haven't eaten candy in 2 yrs, I wondered what I miss the most and the first thing that came to mind was chocolate covered cherries! So I choose a variety of reds and pinks with a bit of chocolate. The backing and binding is a dark chocolate suede - so yummy looking! I included some valentine prints and it's ready for the season! Seemed like it was missing something so added a chocolate heart with a pink bow. Still feels like it needs more dimension, but not sure what. New techniques: finally used my sizzix dies - the tumbler block - to cut fabric! LOVE it! I've never worked with suede (faux suede) before and found it quite hard as it kept dragging, became full of static, and didn't iron well. I even tried using a super slide pad for FMQ and that didn't help much. I had hoped to do much more to this but the difficulties with the suede ate away at my time.

(27) Slightly Off Quilter

I Love Candy

Well, not me personally. I LIKE candy, but I can live without it. The challenge this week for Project Quilting is to make something inspired by candy ! Well, I gave this alot of thought, trying to come up with something that not only was candy inspired, but would also be personally challenging. I didn’t want to take an easy option, I really wanted to push my own limits and really see how far I could get in just 1 week !

At the same time, I was also thinking that my cousins son is having a 6th birthday very soon, and is in need of a quilt for said occasion ! Well, what 6 year old doesn’t love candy ? ! Perfect ! I get to cross off 2 things for the price of 1 quilt this week !

Okay. So now the challenge was to make something inspired by candy that was also boy friendly ! That left out anything pink or pastel and left me with primary colors. Okay, I can work with that. But how to make that CANDY inspired ? I know ! CANDY LAND ! The Candy Land board has that awesome primary color rainbow path that you move along !

Okay, so now I have Candy inspired AND personal challenge with the curves ! So off to EQ7 I went !

Well …as I was sitting there brainstorming about ” I Love candy ” these words popped into my head ( yes they were spoken in the voice of a 6 year old too ) ” Well if you love it so much why don’t you marry it ? ”

That was all it took ! Can you see where this is headed ? Let me show you where it lead me !

Finished Size 44 x 44

I Quilt in Dover Plains, NY !

(28) Quilted Delights

Lollipop Orchard

This is my entry for week three of Project Quilting. Theme: Sweet Treats. When I think of visually appealing candy I think of great big swirly lollipops. When I was a kid I loved seeing them in the store and wished I had one in my hand. So I knew I wanted to do something with lollipops for the challenge.

I started out by finding the perfect swirl graphic and printed it on the back of some wonder under with my regular printer which made it easier to iron and cut out the different swirled fabrics.

Once I had the lollipop tops complete it seemed natural to put them into a landscape scene. I call this one Lollipop Orchard. It measures 30 x 20 inches and was created by me, Leah, in Lake City, SC.

(29) Cotton N Lace

Treat My Wonky Hearts

Amanda Reid South Africa
PQ Challenge 3
Sweet Treats
Size 27"x15"
Name Treat My Wonky Heart(s

Valentine cupcakes!...I printed various cupcake pic then kind of freehand (in a wonky way!) fussycut them into hearts and machine appliqued onto red and white background with some thread stitching on the cakes. Free motion heart quilting surrounding cupcakes (very drunky wonky!)

(30) virpalm

Sweet Tooth Frog

This is my doll sized quilt for the candy challenge. First I made the candy, candy corn, red gum drops, chocolate kisses, mini chocolate bars and jelly beans. I then made a plain quilt and appliqued the candy to the quilt. I was going to call it Candy Explosion, but my friend was making a baby quilt and had cute fabric with frogs sticking out their tongues. So I cut around a few frogs and appliqued them to the quilt, licking the candy. The size is 22" by 28 1/2". I made it in my home in Maxwell, Iowa. All the materials are leftovers from other projects. The back is made from snowman fabric and the binding has the colors from the blocks on the front of the quilt.

(31) Quilties

Candy Crush Messenger Bag

I knew the subject of my project minutes after reading the Challenge! I love this game! (Candy Crush Saga, a fun ipad game if you're not familiar) The bag is a messenger-style bag to put my ipad in so I can take the game with me wherever I go. I made it with fusible fleece on the outside and lining, so it's super soft and stands up well on its own. I raw-edge appliqu├ęd on the candies, with french knots on the power-up candy! If you do well in the game, you get three stars. So I put the three stars on the front of the bag a little under the flap. The strap and lining is made from some funky fat quarters I really didn't know what I was going to do with, but loved. They were practically made for this bag, it makes me very happy!

Approx. 15" x 17" x 3"; Made in Urbandale, IA by Emma Thomas-McGinnis

(32) Fatzaz

My Sugar Shack!

Toxically sweet flowers and colors adorn this little 18" x 14" quilt made for the week 3 Project Quilting Challenge "Sweet Treats". I had envisioned this as more of a gingerbread house but I found some pastel rick-rack early on in the process and it set the tone for my sugar shack! I used a lot of fusing and less stitching on this little quilt as I didn't have a lot of spare time this week. Made in cold south-east South Dakota (thus the smoke coming from the chimney even though the sun was shining) - completed on February 9, 2014 by Jan K.

(33) KrisTMJ

Purple Rock Candy Mountain

Here is my "Purple Rock Candy Mountain" quilt for the "Sweet Treats challenge".
It is pieced with equilateral triangles. It measures 27w" x 25w"
match-stick quilting with 8 shades of purple thread
pieced binding
Made in NE.
blogged here: www.sewsunshine.blogspot.com/2014/02/project-quilting-sea...

(34) Kelly Kroon

Cotton Candy Strings

by Kelly Kroon in Reedsburg, WI. When I was trying to figure out what to do, my first thought was Candy Crush Saga. I'm addicted to that game! When I started to dig through my fabric stash, I found a package of fat quarters in the bright pastels. I am still in love with the string piecing from the first challenge, so I put it all together, and viola! I used variegated thread in the white to do some meandering. I actually didn't start it until Tuesday, so I'm proud of getting it done in time. The binding with a flange isn't my best work ever, but sometimes done is better than perfect. I will probably give this quilt away to the next baby in our family. Also, please ignore the date stamp on the pic. I swear I took it this morning--cross my heart, hope to die, put a quilting needle in my eye. :)

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