Happy 6th Birthday Capri!

It’s hard to believe I now have a 7 year old, a SIX year old, and a 2 year old!  I’m not THAT old yet am I?!  (speaking of that…I had to call my mom the other week to let her know that she was now officially old – I found my first grey hair.  I’m technically not old until my children get grey hair.)

One of my favorite pictures ever of Capri – taken recently by the fabulous Karmen Linder Photography

If you’re interested in reading Capri’s birth story you can go to HERE but I’m not going to repeat it now but I will share a few tidbits about that special day…

  • I pieced blocks and a top for my cousin in-law’s wedding quilt the morning before I had Capri.

  • My sister-in-law called at noon to wish me ‘Happy Due Date!’ I responded as  politely as a full term pregnant lady would, “Shut up, she’s never coming.  She hasn’t even dropped yet.”

  • Jared called his sister around 8:30pm that night to tell her she was an aunt again.

  • We debated between Capri and Nala for her name.

  • She was completely, 100% bald.

  • I was 100% in love.

photo by Karmen Linder Photography

We already spent all of last weekend celebrating too!

We went to her art show – I will share more photo’s of that in a different post…it deserves it’s own.

My parents came down for GB for the show and the birthday girl.

And here’s the group we had at the show (sans the camera-women, aka me).

Which meant family and godparents all came to that and for lunch and cake!The cake!  I was supposed to get her an ice cream cake but I had taken Pip to the doctor on Friday.  She was really sick.  I had to stop at the grocery store anyway so we picked up a super cool looking cake – I really didn’t want two stops with a sick Pip.

 Capri loved it and it was so pretty it was okay that it wasn’t an ice cream cake!

Capri with her Godparents – Al and Kaitra!Great Grandma attended the festivities as well and I got a great picture of her with the three girls.I love Grandpa’s face in this picture!

Capri LOVED her Tea Set from Aunt Kaitra – not only was it a tea set (which she collects) but she could PAINT IT herself too!  My parents also gave her a tea set for her collection and her favorite part was the teeny tiny napkin holder!  Seriously – that’s the piece she showed EVERYONE when they came in!

Uncle Al gave her a box full of a plethora of items he had been collecting for her – like some toothpicks, pins, pencils, etc.  Capri LOVED it all of course!

On Sunday we gave Capri most of her presents.  Tonight is going to be crazy with school, conferences, and a dinner celebration.  It worked out well too because all the girls were occupied all day!

I think we found some good presents for her.  She was full of pure joy!  

Probably the best gift of the day…a box full of art supplies!  All three girls loved checking out all the new things and starting to dream up creation possibilities!

Papa snapped this picture of me with Capri.

And I got this one of Capri with her Papa!

Pip gave Capri this fairy that she had to make the hair, clothes, shoes and accessories for!  First thing we did once Pip was napping.

Next project – ‘Paint your own tea set!’

  With Cedi’s help – the girls painted all the tea set before Pip woke up from her nap.  *whew*

Sisters snuggling!

And for dessert- I whipped up a fun cherry angel food cake (just take a can of cherry pie filling and mix it with angel food cake mix = delicious!). I’m sure there will be a Part 2 to Capri’s birthday celebration…we still have lots of fun planned for today and I may be a sucker for birthday’s.  I LOVE making people special on their special day!

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