How do you store your Quilts?


For nine months of the year my quilts decorate my house.  They cover the wall, the railings and the beds.


and we have pretty long railings…


and I may be running out of wall space…

The other three months of the year I hang them in my apple store so folks can view them and even buy them if they are so inclined.  How do you store your quilts?


  1. I've only made three quilts so far. Two for my family and one for my mother-in-law and all three are being used everyday. That's my plan with the others I have in the works for me. Though, I'd like to make one to hang on the wall in our living room after we finish remodeling it.

  2. I've only made 9 quilts so far, and with the exception of my recent Riley Blake Challenge Quilt they were all gifts and are all being used. I don't really know how to store a quilt... I always grew up using them! Now I have to figure out how to store my RBC quilt since I'd actually like to enter it to QuiltCon. Better start googling... LOL

  3. My quilts are everywhere too, though I don't have the luxury of railings. I have a couple very full quilt racks, and lay quilts over the backs of the couch and chairs in my living room. It's starting to look ridiculous. My husband says I have a problem.


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