Scrap Organization–Check!

My original goal was to have my entire area reorganized and sorted before the start of the  New Year.  With the intense new system I decided to change to for sorting my fabrics it was quickly apparent that I wasn’t going to finish everything by the end of the year.


My next goal was to get my main sewing room fixed up and then work on my scraps through January.  Well…as the end of January approached the other portion of my sewing area was still a disaster.  I had four boxes of scraps to sort out by color and I still had to organize my fat quarters.  And then, it was cold.  It was so cold that they cancelled school.  So, I made the girls a deal.  They could stay up late and watch a movie if they’d help me sort my scraps the next day.  They agreed and I crossed my fingers.  Cedi sort of flitted about and helped a little with sorting, a little with canning, and a lot with occupying Pip.  Now, Capri.  Well, Capri has focus.  She sorted an entire big box of scraps and into the proper bins!  It was amazing AND it kept me working!  If Capri was going to sort, why, I was going to sort.  Before lunch we had it all done!  I was astounded!

Here’s what the room looked like After the scraps were sorted, put away, and the table and crates taken down.  I’m ready to work now!

I sort all my scraps by color into see through bins.  It works really well..when I need a certain color I just pull the bin out and get what I need.  I’m really happy with this system.  Now, if only the scraps would go down as I made more scrap quilts.  It seems like the scraps just grow and grow and grow!Here’s one of my shelving units with fat quarters….And another one of my fat quarters all sorted and folded.

And..just because it’s pretty…my beautiful newly sorted fabric shelves.  Remind me when we get to the end of the year to snap another picture!  We’ll see if I can keep it this organized!

So…even though I didn’t quite make the New Year goal I’m glad it only took me one more month.  It had been one of those things that had been nagging me to do in the back of my mind as I worked on projects and took care of other things that needed to be done.  It feels so good to have it all picked up and put away!

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  1. I about fell off my chair seeing your before sorting picture! And then I think I did fall off my chair seeing the after! WOW! You and Capri did a great job. As for scraps...they do multiply...there is never a bottom to a scrap bin!


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