When My Kid Sews

my heart melts.

Yesterday I was hard at work quilting on my ‘My Favorite Block Quilt’ so I let Capri use my sewing machine.


The great thing about letting her use the Janome is that you can set it to stitch super slow!  Perfect for Capri.  She worked for two hours.  When her sister woke up from her nap she came down to watch the final project – appliqued houses.IMG_5872

Pip was completely content sitting there and watching Capri work.  Seriously.  Sitting.  Quietly.  Not moving.  Just watching. IMG_5879

Here’s a pile of what some of what Capri had sewn already – leg warmers for both her sisters (which ended up being arm warmers because they wouldn’t fit over their heals) and she appliqued hearts to fabric.  And I think that rectangle of red needs to be stuffed…into something…IMG_5880

Capri does a really nice job of stitching straight lines.  I also just love how there is no fear when she sews.  With no fear the possibilities are endless!


I couldn’t resist throwing in another picture of Pip just being cute.

capri house and heart

Here’s Capri showing off the heart and house blocks she made.

She had a good day at the machine.


  1. She did an awesome job ! Soon she will be teaching you a few new things !

  2. I love this! Your girls are as creative as you! I remember attending the sewing machine classes with my mom at sears when I was 5. I wasnt allowed to use her machine but with my large red plastic sewing box I sewed by hand little pillows, purses, quilts for my doll house and anything else I could think of. Great memories!

  3. So great that you can allow their creativity to blossom & grow. Wonderful!


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