April 2014 Project QUILTING Off Season Challenge–Birthday Colors

It’s not quit April but close enough and I know you are all anxious to get started on yet another Project Quilting Challenge! 
Now – this is not an official ‘season’ challenge but these are what I call ‘off season’ challenges.  There are a few different things that happen. 
  1. There aren’t any prizes…yet.
    • One of the most stressful parts of running a fun event on my blog for me is soliciting sponsors and prizes.  Off season means I don’t have to do that. 
    • BUT if you want to donate anything to be randomly drawn for by participants in the challenge I’m happy to post about it and run the hat drawing.  If this is something you’re interested in…just email me at lapaceksorchard {at} gmail {dot} com. 
  2. You have more than a week to finish the challenges.  In fact – I’m giving you FOUR weeks. 
    • Projects should be finished by Sunday, April 27th.  Anytime is just fine…just as long as they’re submitted by the time the linky closes (which there’s a countdown on so you can check your time constraints). 
    • This is purely just so we have a FINISH before we get moving on the May Off Season Challenge.   Not only is Project QUILTING meant to inspire you to make something you never thought you would – but it’s to help encourage you to FINISH the project too.
Alright – now that I put that out there…let’s see what I have for your challenge this month.
Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE my birthday!  And April is my birthday month – so of course this challenge is going to revolve around Birthdays!
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM
Using EQ7, I made a fun patchwork calendar quilt (with 31 as the border).  I started out by following the rainbow for the first 7 blocks…then I just went with it. 
You’re challenge for this month is called ‘Birthday Colors’.
I want you to take the date of your birthday and use those numbers to find the two main colors of the quilt you will be making.  I’m not going to restrict you to using ONLY these two colors but one should be able to clearly see in your final quilt which two colors you had to use…so they have to be obviously used…not just ‘peeking’ out.
Since, I have a hard time interpreting my thoughts into words some times I’m going to give you a few examples…
My birthday is 4/15 (yup – that’s right..April 15th!  Just a few weeks away!) so my two colors are…
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-001
this lovely green
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-002
and a fabulous lavender.
You can see here I did this completely randomly because I would NEVER use these two colors as the main ones of a quilt…wish me luck!  I’ll need it!
A few more examples…
Capri’s birthday is 2/24 so these would be her colors…
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-003Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-004
Cedi’s birthday is 11/29 and her colors would be…
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-005Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-006
Pip’s birthday is 4/28 and her quilt would primarily consist of these two colors
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-007Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-008
And finally – Jared’s birthday is 5/11 and his quilt would utilize these two colors
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-009Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-010

I’m sure you’re all thinking this is going to be tough and quite a challenge.  I agree!  But it will be fun – right?! 

UPDATE 3/31: 
If you're birthday is 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6, 7/7, 8/8, 9/9, 10/10, 11/11, 12/12, or 6/28 - add your color with the color 'BLACK'.  I hadn't thought about these special days but I think this will work!  

So…in review – have your projects finished up by Sunday, April 27th.
Please link them up below so everyone can easily read more about your creative process.
And…if you want – add them to the Project QUILTING Flickr Group too!

Prize for Off Season Project Quilting Challenges:
“Quilting Gift Certificate” for $30.00 off the Quilting on a Baby size quilt or larger. (Baby, Lap, Twin. Full, Queen, or King).

The Gift Certificate will be good for 4 months starting one month after the challenge ends.  Excluding the Month of December for using the gift certificate.

The quilting gift certificate is transferable to another person, so you can share it with a friend, if you’d like.
I will do an estimate based on the size of the winner's quilt top, quilting choices, thread choices, and batting and if they would like to purchase backing fabric from me. Winner can send backing fabric and batting with their quilt top, but I do have it available. This way the winner will have a good estimate of the value of your quilting prize.
Prize 2... A regular Project QUILTING Participant - Adva Price is donating a wonderful prize to a random winner too!

One lucky person will get this fabulous charm pack from adva!
Thank you both so much for making these challenges even more fun by adding prizes to the mix!
Have fun!  And don’t forget…

It’s Time to Think Outside the Square!

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  1. And I am up finishing mine thinking it's due tomorrow! Lol!! I guess not the end of the month. Haven't had sewing time till now anyway!!


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