“Be Yourself Today!

You’ll be great.  Love you.”

This was the wonderful note I had from my husband when I checked my email today.  It was a big day.  This was just what I needed to hear.

Today, I filmed with Nancy Zieman for the  “Nancy’s Corner” segment of her PBS show ‘Sewing with Nancy’.  It was a big day.

I was filling in for a last minute cancellation – which didn’t matter to me one bit.  I was going to be on ‘Sewing with Nancy’!!!!  What!?

She had me on to talk about Project QUILTING and how it’s a challenge that has inspired so many quilted pieces.  I wasn’t going to tell you what all happened in during the shoot so you’d have to watch the show in September – but, turns out the 5 and a half minutes are a complete blur to me – so I can’t anyway!  As soon as we were done shooting, I immediately said, “What, that was five minutes?  It felt like 1!”  We only did on take so I must have done okay.

It was wonderful to meet Nancy and all the other folks who help produce her show – all in all the experience was wonderful and I hope to be invited back someday.

Here are some pictures my friend Nicole took with her phone while we were there…

They put make-up on me to get me ‘HDTV’ ready…wonderful.

I’ll admit…I was nervous.

I always get caught with that face while I talk!

Okay – this is a much better shot.

Wrapping up.

After we finished taping Nicole made me pose by PBS things.

I’m a bit hyped up from the adrenaline rush!

Yeah for PBS!!!!!

Fun Fact…Sewing With Nancy has been airing since 1982 – the same year I was born!


  1. Awesome Kim ... Huge congratulations to you!

  2. So cool and exciting! And great that Project Quilting and all your hard work will be shared with the world.

  3. Susan the farm quilterMarch 11, 2014 at 5:27 PM

    YOU ARE A STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally fabulous!!! Be sure to let us know when it will be aired and we'll be glued to our TVs!!


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