Triangle Inspiration

Last night I had dinner with my family and then I had to head out to a meeting or my quilt guild.   This morning when we sat down to have breakfast, Cedi, showed me what they worked on last night.

Inspiration for me to use for the Project QUILTING Triangle Challenge!

They were all drawing on paper ideas for my triangle quilt!This was the one Cedi was most proud of.And this is Capri’s favorite…

Oh…she liked this one a lot too. Jared even got in on the fun!  I may just have to use his idea for the quilting on this one…wowsa!

While I’m probably not using there ideas THIS time I did already plan on including them in the design process of my quilt…

At this moment…I’m using the TWO fabrics above for my challenge quilt.  YES.  Kim Lapacek, is only using TWO fabrics in a quilt.  They are a highly printed Hoffman fabric for the Hoffman Fabric Challenge and a highly textured orange/red/pink hand-dyed fabric…but still – only two!  We’ll see if this plan sticks or if I dream something else up before I get started!

Do you know what you’re doing yet?

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