A Lovely Year of Finishes–April Completion

Aurifil Fairy Tale BOM CombineMy April goal for a Lovely Year of Finishes was to finish my final five quilt blocks of the Fairy Tale BOM and to put together my 2013 Aurifil BOM blocks with my Fairy Tale BOM blocks.IMG_7068

Here are the Fairy Tale Paper Pieced blocks that I had finished already.


1. Dwarf 5, 2. 3 Bears Beds, 3. Dwarf, 4. 3 Bears Bowls, 5. Dwarf

I still needed to make three more dwarfs, the bears’ three beds and three bowls blocks.  I got those done by the middle of the month.


Now – I had to make it work into one quilt top.  I decided to eliminate the bird block and the owl block.  They didn’t fit that well into the fairy tale thing anyway and it made my math much easier.  Then – I grouped together the blocks into the three fairy tales – upper left: Snow White, middle: Little Red Riding Hood, lower right: Goldilocks.

I lost my sewing mojo (or as a friend would call it…sewjo) for four days.  On Friday and Saturday we planted 350 trees in our super clay-ey orchard.  I spent Sunday recovering from that crazy adventure.  Monday my sewjo was still not back and I decided to spend the day ‘nuggling’ with my new 3 year old. 


Finally – last night, I felt like sewing.  I started to piece my crazy blocks together…and I had all but three seams sewn before I went to bed.  I did modify my layout from the initial one a bit…but I’ really liking how it flows this way.


My Button

I finished sewing those three seams today and knew I needed to add a border.  I ended up adding two…and I’m really glad I did.  It really frames the quilt and finishes it off.  Also – the brown fabric has awesome white branches of it which remind me of the fairy tale woods.

I’m also really glad I pushed my long arm appointment back until mid May – now I have to pick all that paper off!

So…with just a few hours to spare…I FINISHED my April ‘ A Lovely Year of Finishes’ Goal.

Twisted Rail Fence from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting: 52 Twisted Tradition Block Quilt Along

Happy Wednesday everyone!  Can you believe today is the last day of April!?  We’re one-third of the way through 2014 – it sure is flying by.  Since it’s Wednesday, it’s time for another Twisted Tradition Block Tutorial!  This week we have a lovely friend of mine – Marcia Wachuta of Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting sharing a fun twist on a traditional block with you all.  Before we get to her block…let’s learn a little more about her.
You can find Marcia all over the internet…website, blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and flickr!
What is your favorite thing about Quilt Alongs?I love learning new and interesting quilt blocks. Even if I don't actually make them.  I love to read the tutorials on how the blocks are constructed.
What type of quilter do you consider yourself - traditional, modern, contemporary, other...?I would describe myself as a Creative Modern Quilter.
What other quilt alongs are you participating in in 2014?
Just this one.

Apples or oranges?Apples --- I eat one almost every day! I love them on a sandwich --- I call it my Literally "Delicious" Turkey Sandwich
Favorite Book:  I am sewing and quilting and crocheting most of the time and I hardly ever read ---- If I do find time to read, it is only quilt blogs.

The 4th Annual May for Me Celebration starts on Thursday – check out THIS POST to see what it’s all about!
Now let’s check out Marcia’s Twist on the traditional ‘Rail Fence Block’.

Twisted Rail Fence Block

Head on over to Marcia’s blog HERE to find out how to make this fun block!
I can’t wait to see what all your blocks look like!  Be sure to share you blocks and any projects you make using your blocks onto our flickr group: 52 Blocks Quilt Along

Instagram/Twitter Hashtag: #52bTT

Previous Blocks

Stop back next Wednesday for another twisted traditional block tutorial!

April Off Season Project QUILTING Winners

Ten great quilts were made for the April Off Season Project QUILTING Challenge  and linked up to share. 

I can’t guarantee prizes for all off season challenges but we had two generous donors this month!

Prize for Off Season Project Quilting ChallengesSmile with tongue out

Prize 1

“Quilting Gift Certificate” for $30.00 off the Quilting on a Baby size quilt or larger. (Baby, Lap, Twin. Full, Queen, or King) from Marcia’s Crafty Sewing & Quilting.

Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting
The Gift Certificate will be good for 4 months starting one month after the challenge ends.  Excluding the Month of December for using the gift certificate.

The quilting gift certificate is transferable to another person, so you can share it with a friend, if you’d like.

I will do an estimate based on the size of the winner's quilt top, quilting choices, thread choices, and batting and if they would like to purchase backing fabric from me. Winner can send backing fabric and batting with their quilt top, but I do have it available. This way the winner will have a good estimate of the value of your quilting prize.

Since it was Pip’s birthday…she picked both of the winners.


Congrats to Isabella’s Whimsy!

Prize 2

A regular Project QUILTING Participant - Adva Price is donating a wonderful prize to a random winner too!


One lucky person will get this fabulous charm pack from adva!


And that lucky winner is cinnamonchip

Congrats to you both!  I’ll be contacting you both soon to claim your prizes! 

I’ll be posting May’s off season challenge on May 1st and you will have until May 31st to link up your completed quilt project.

Happy 3rd Birthday Persimoni Mae!

Today our family celebrates our fierce, loving, stubborn, sweet as pie little Persimoni Mae!


She definitely keeps our life interesting!


How to describe our little Pip….hmmm…  Her nickname ‘Pip’ is definitely fitting!  Right now she loves to do puzzles, ‘nuggling, dancing, singing, fruit, ham, hot dogs, riding in the tractor with Papa, Mini Mouse, and being teutitul in her Tilda Dane clothes.  She’s potty trained except for bed times (whew).  Today she gave up sippy cups for good. 

baby pip 8

photo by Friends in Photography

Pip just a few weeks old…baby pip 7

photo by Friends in Photography

Pip’s big sisters have loved her from the beginning! And Pip is the one that helps keep the peace between the two.  Usually one of them hangs out with Pip while the other one does her own thing.  It’s pretty cool to watch the dynamic between the three girls.  We’ll see how this survives the horrendous ‘3’s’.

baby pip 2

photo by funky monkey photography

 baby pip 5

photo by funky monkey photography

Pip 1

photo by Friends in Photography

Here’s Pip at age 1 with her Papa.  Watching a father with his daughter’s melts any heart.  I’ve loved seeing another side of Jared as a father.  I couldn’t have wished for a better partner in life.

karmen 2

photo by Karmen Linder Photography

Here’s Pip with her sisters at age 2.  pip blossom

photo by Karmen Linder Photography

Pip was a super fun 2 year old.  So sweet, goofy and snuggly.  Slightly beastly at times but who can blame a girl for wanting what she wants. 


photo by Karmen Linder Photography

And now I have a three year old!  I’m so happy to be celebrating this day with Pip!  I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow and go from a sweet little babe to a fierce little person.

If you’re interested…you can read about Pip’s birth story HERE

African Impromptu Quilt


Last year I hopped on the instagram bandwagon and joined in on the #impromputalong.  All you had to do to join in the fun is purchase the Impromptu Quilt pattern from PS I Quilt.  I thought it was a fun pattern and joined in right away.  I did however choose to go a bit of a different color/fabric scheme than many of the other participants.  Instead of white I used a few different colors of hand-dyed fabric.  For my print fabric I used some of the African prints I had been hording and the last of a piece of zebra print I had.  I modified the bigger block slightly by making it into a log cabin.  This helped me mix in more colors to help blend my fabric selection together a bit more smoothly.  IMG_7678I added a scrappy pieced border to make it into a decent lap size quilt.  My first border was a solid brownish red hand-dye to stop the crazy in the middle.  The pieced border brings just a bit more crazy to the for framing.  The binding is done with variegated scraps of the hand-dyes I used.


I sent the quilt to Barb Raisbeck for the quilting and she did an amazing circular pattern in the middle with a cross hatch-esque border.  Perfect for this piece!

Be sure to check out all the #impromptualong quilts that were made by checking out the flickr groupIMG_7672I ran out to a quilt photo shoot – it was a bit windy…I only had to pin the quilt to the top – the wind pushed the quilt down the rest of the way.  It was the first decent day we’d had for awhile and I really wanted to share this with you all!  The sunlight wasn’t perfect though so I’ll probably give this quilt another try when the weather is better.  While I was doing the shoot…the girls decided to do a bit of climbing.  You can see Capri above…IMG_7679

And here’s Cedi all the way to the top of the fence!

Linking up to Finish Up Friday!

Birthday Colors Labyrinth Quilt for Project Quilting


Inspired by the April Off Season Project QUILTING Challenge and a class I took from Mill House Quilts I created this piece – ‘Birthday Colors Labyrinth’.

The class was about making scrap quilts and the teacher showed us how she used her scraps to make a miniature 'Mesmerize' Quilt from Basic Grey.  I took what I saw there, played with the concept in EQ7, and came up with this piece! 

My birthday is 4/15 (yup – that’s right..April 15th!  Just a few weeks away!) so my two colors are…
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-001
this lovely green
Fullscreen capture 3302014 83721 AM-002
and a fabulous periwinkle purple.


hand dyes



I used hand dyes from my mother-in-law for these colors and mixed them with some fabulous prints.  I picked fabrics that had large or busy prints…I like the effect these give when you cut the fabric into smaller pieces.  You keep the overall effect of the background color with all the added pattern from the prints mixed in here and there.


I quilted this with a concentric circle...which I realized the last time I don't have the patience for and I really need to remember that when I want to attempt it for a third time!

Approximate Dimensions: 36" x 36"

Made by Kim Lapacek,
Poynette, WI


Sunny Butterflies Block Tutorial: 52 Twisted Tradition Block Quilt Along

52 Blocks

Yup – I’m posting later than I’d like again…but it is still Wednesday in my defense.  I twisted the tradition block “Sunny Lanes” this week and showed you two different options for my twist.  Enjoy!

Sunny Butterflies Block Tutorial for

52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

Finished Block Size – 8” x 8” and/or 16” x 16”

I twisted the traditional block “Sunny Lanes” for our next block. I twisted this in a few ways to create the look below.

Cutting Instructions


8” x 8” Finished Block

Fabric A (background)3– 5” squares
Fabric B (wing (orange))
1 – 5” square
Fabric C (body (dark))1 – 5” squares
Fabric D (secondary background)
1 – 5” squares

16” x 16” Finished Block

Fabric A (background)8– 5” squares
Fabric B (wing) – either all of one color or four different colors4 – 5” square
Fabric C (body (dark))2 – 5” squares
Fabric D (secondary background)
2 – 5” squares


I’m going to start by showing you how to make the 8”x8” finished block.
To make this we just need to make two four patches and two half square triangles (HST).Let’s start with our four patches.
Put a Fabric A square right sides together with a Fabric C and a Fabric D square. 
Stitch a quarter inch seam on two opposite sides of the sandwiched squares.
Cut the squares in half. Iron towards Fabric C and Fabric D. You now have four blocks – two of Fabric A/C and two of Fabric A/D.
Sandwich one A/C square right sides together with one A/D square. Fabric A should be opposite each other if you pressed correctly and your seams will ‘kiss’.
Stitch a quarter inch seam on two opposite sides of the sandwiched squares.
Do this with both pairs of fabric.
Cut the squares in half. Press to the side with fabric C.
You now have four four-patches like the one shown above. You will use two of these for the 8”x8” block. Set aside two of these blocks.
Next up – let’s make two half square triangles!
Draw a diagonal from one corner to the other on your remaining 5” Fabric A square. Put your Fabric A square right sides together with your Fabric B square.
Stitch a quarter inch seam on both sides of the line you just drew.
Cut along the line you drew.
Iron towards Fabric B and square block up to a 4.5-inch square.
You will have two of these.
Now – lay two four-patches and two HSTs in the orientation I show in the picture above. Sew them together.
You can either draw or embroider some antennae to your new butterfly.
To make the 16” block – just make three more of these blocks.  Don’t forget – you still have two four patches left over from the first block you made!
Here are the four I made. I love a scrappy quilt so I made all my wings different.
To make the 16” block, lay your Sunny Butterflies out like shown above and stitch together. I didn’t do this because I’m not quite sure what I want to do with my blocks – yet. They may be fun cornerstones in a quilt and I would rather stitch them together later than have to do some seam ripping.
And there you have it – two different options for the Sunny Butterflies Block! Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoyed this block tutorial!
Get your FREE printable PDF of this block by heading to my craftsy store.  Don’t wait too long…after a month(5/16), the PDF will be $1.
I can’t wait to see what all your blocks look like!  Be sure to share you blocks and any projects you make using your blocks onto our flickr group: 52 Blocks Quilt Along
Instagram/Twitter Hashtag: #52bTT

Previous Blocks

    Stop back next Wednesday for another twisted traditional block tutorial!
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