A Lovely Year of Finishes–April Completion

Aurifil Fairy Tale BOM CombineMy April goal for a Lovely Year of Finishes was to finish my final five quilt blocks of the Fairy Tale BOM and to put together my 2013 Aurifil BOM blocks with my Fairy Tale BOM blocks.IMG_7068

Here are the Fairy Tale Paper Pieced blocks that I had finished already.


1. Dwarf 5, 2. 3 Bears Beds, 3. Dwarf, 4. 3 Bears Bowls, 5. Dwarf

I still needed to make three more dwarfs, the bears’ three beds and three bowls blocks.  I got those done by the middle of the month.


Now – I had to make it work into one quilt top.  I decided to eliminate the bird block and the owl block.  They didn’t fit that well into the fairy tale thing anyway and it made my math much easier.  Then – I grouped together the blocks into the three fairy tales – upper left: Snow White, middle: Little Red Riding Hood, lower right: Goldilocks.

I lost my sewing mojo (or as a friend would call it…sewjo) for four days.  On Friday and Saturday we planted 350 trees in our super clay-ey orchard.  I spent Sunday recovering from that crazy adventure.  Monday my sewjo was still not back and I decided to spend the day ‘nuggling’ with my new 3 year old. 


Finally – last night, I felt like sewing.  I started to piece my crazy blocks together…and I had all but three seams sewn before I went to bed.  I did modify my layout from the initial one a bit…but I’ really liking how it flows this way.


My Button

I finished sewing those three seams today and knew I needed to add a border.  I ended up adding two…and I’m really glad I did.  It really frames the quilt and finishes it off.  Also – the brown fabric has awesome white branches of it which remind me of the fairy tale woods.

I’m also really glad I pushed my long arm appointment back until mid May – now I have to pick all that paper off!

So…with just a few hours to spare…I FINISHED my April ‘ A Lovely Year of Finishes’ Goal.


  1. It looks great! Congrats on the finish

  2. Pretty, lively, magical quilt!

  3. wow, what an incredible quilt! well done on getting it finished!

  4. I thought "woods" when looking at the brown border before I read the rest of your post. Love your quilt!


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