Birthday Giveaway Winner!

Before I get to the winner of the fabulous Birthday Giveaway prizes…


a bundle of six fat quarters of fabrics I hand-dyed AND


A mini bundle of Aurifil Thread!

I would like to share with you a bit about how I spent my birthday!  As I’ve mentioned before – I celebrate for an entire month!  This basically just means that my kids tend to say “I’m going to get along with my sisters today for your birthday” a lot more for a month – but I’ll take what I can get!


My parents came over the Saturday before my birthday and brought along a HUGE new suitcase for me!  All three girls can fit in it!  I asked for one so I can use it to haul my quilts for trunk shows – I do have one more scheduled so far!  I’m hoping that list continues to grow. 

It is always nice to see family and a birthday is a great reason too!

My birthday was on a Tuesday this year, so I had to get the kids off to school and Pip to the babysitter.  Pip was being a bit of a beast – but I won! Once I left Pip – it was off to a massage!  What a great way to start any day but an even better way to start a birthday!

Next on the agenda – my friend Nicole had invited me to lunch.  She let me choose the place so I picked the Lazy Oaf in Madison – not too far from either of our houses.  She even offered to pick me up – but I told her I would just meet her there since it didn’t make any sense for her to drive all that extra ways.

birthday 7

Surprise!  Turns out that stinker had organized a surprise lunch for me with some of my friends!  I was beyond shocked!  No one had ever thrown me a surprise anything before I honestly didn’t have a clue this was happening.  So cool!  I now understood why she wanted to pick me up!

One of my friends that came is the amazing and talented photographer, Karmen Linder, so there were lots of pictures taken!

birthday 2014

I went all the way around the table for photo’s with my friends – Naomi, Katie, Jenny, Lisa, Nicole, and Karmen.  Yup – I was wearing my birthday crown!

It was such a fun lunch – and most of my friends either only knew me or knew me and one other person.  By the end – they were all laughing and joking like they’ve known each other for years.  I may have a bit of a strong personality so I tend to say that if you can handle me you’ll probably like all my friends. 

I can’t even describe how much fun we had – other than my face hurt from smiling and laughing so much.  What a great surprise!

That night, Pip, was supposed to be a guest in a ballet class – but the beast from the morning was still around and there was no way I was exposing the public to that behavior.  Jared ended up running to get us a pizza and we hung out in the family room and ate pizza and ice cream cake and opened up presents!  Cedi made me a puzzle – she drew a picture and then cut the paper into pieces so I had to put it together!  And Capri made me a gorgeous ring with fun things she found and glued together – so sweet!

Overall – a perfect birthday!

It wasn’t quite over yet either – on Wednesday night, my in-laws had us all over for homemade pizza, beer, and pinterest cake!  I’ve started a new tradition – I find an amazing, insane, indulgent recipe on pinterest and Diane makes it for my birthday!  This year it was Cake Batter Cheesecake – yup, as good as it sounds – if not better!

Alright – now that you’ve listened to my birthday adventure stories – I’ll let you know who won the birthday giveaway!


83 folks left me a comment telling me how they celebrate their birthday – so choose the winner to be….

Fullscreen capture 4222014 101009 AM

19.  Susan K in Texas

Happy Birthday!! I like to celebrate for a month too! I start the month before reminding people that my birthday is coming up – “Oh my birthday is soon and you could buy me that”. Then for my birthday month, I go to lunch with several groups of friends and of course celebrate with my in-laws and then my family and then my husband and sons. My husband and I enjoy using coupons for free meals and free desserts that we get from restaurants for the next month so I guess you could say I celebrate for 2 months.;-)

Congrats Susan!  I’ll be contacting you asap to find out where to send your winnings!

PS.  I’m also still trying to get my instagram followers up…

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