Gypsy Wife

I had posted jokingly that I wanted this pattern, “Gypsy Wife” and then hinted that my birthday was coming up…well…to my huge surprise, my friend, Erin Zee, bought it and sent it to me for my birthday!  How cool is that!?!!! 

gypsy wife

This is the pattern Gypsy Wife by Jen Caldwell.  I’m sure you can tell this quilt is 100% my style!  I can’t wait to get working on it!  In fact – in the intro she stated that the more different fabrics you use the better the quilt is.  I may be able to handle that.  Also – this isn’t just a pattern – it’s like a miniature book!  I’m in love! 

Thank you thank you thank you SO much Erin!  What a wonderful sweet surprise!  I can’t tell you how much it made my day!

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  1. Be sure to google for the Errata pages--there's an updated, corrected layout page online. I can't wait to see your Gypsy Wife.


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