Happy 3rd Birthday Persimoni Mae!

Today our family celebrates our fierce, loving, stubborn, sweet as pie little Persimoni Mae!


She definitely keeps our life interesting!


How to describe our little Pip….hmmm…  Her nickname ‘Pip’ is definitely fitting!  Right now she loves to do puzzles, ‘nuggling, dancing, singing, fruit, ham, hot dogs, riding in the tractor with Papa, Mini Mouse, and being teutitul in her Tilda Dane clothes.  She’s potty trained except for bed times (whew).  Today she gave up sippy cups for good. 

baby pip 8

photo by Friends in Photography

Pip just a few weeks old…baby pip 7

photo by Friends in Photography

Pip’s big sisters have loved her from the beginning! And Pip is the one that helps keep the peace between the two.  Usually one of them hangs out with Pip while the other one does her own thing.  It’s pretty cool to watch the dynamic between the three girls.  We’ll see how this survives the horrendous ‘3’s’.

baby pip 2

photo by funky monkey photography

 baby pip 5

photo by funky monkey photography

Pip 1

photo by Friends in Photography

Here’s Pip at age 1 with her Papa.  Watching a father with his daughter’s melts any heart.  I’ve loved seeing another side of Jared as a father.  I couldn’t have wished for a better partner in life.

karmen 2

photo by Karmen Linder Photography

Here’s Pip with her sisters at age 2.  pip blossom

photo by Karmen Linder Photography

Pip was a super fun 2 year old.  So sweet, goofy and snuggly.  Slightly beastly at times but who can blame a girl for wanting what she wants. 


photo by Karmen Linder Photography

And now I have a three year old!  I’m so happy to be celebrating this day with Pip!  I can’t wait to continue to watch her grow and go from a sweet little babe to a fierce little person.

If you’re interested…you can read about Pip’s birth story HERE

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