On the Line–Project QUILTING Triple Trouble Bonus Challenge

We were to purchase a mystery bundle, use what was given to us in a recognizable amount in the front of the quilt AND incorporate three nine patches, three stars, and one other traditional block – and make a quilt!

A bit of a challenge.  I’ll admit.  It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to do for this one.

Then…I saw this ‘Shirts 2.0’ swap thing…  I signed up for it immediately!  As I was making a few shirts for the swap itself I realized that I these would be a great way to use up some of those odd charm packs and strips of fabric that came. 

Shirts 2.0

See the cup fabric in the one on the left?  The charms made up the trim of each of the shirts and I used some pieces for the ‘sky’ as well.    I ended up making three shirts that could hang on a clothesline.

progress picture

Then, at the Sun Prairie Heritage Quilt Show I found a paper pieced pattern with flowers in pots and other things…I thought it would be fun to just make the three tulips and add them to the mix!  I used the cups fabric again for the tulips. 

I made friendship stars in blue/sky scraps and nine patches in the greens. 


Then I just randomly pieced strips together and kept sewing and cutting until it all fit together the way I wanted it to.



I appliqued a clothesline up using my brown charm square a few other pieces of brown and added the line with one of the fibers provided.


I put on a fun wood grain brown border to mimic a picture frame.  Then I did close wavy stitching across the sky and vertical, pointy quilting for the grass.  I outline the tulips and trees.  I bound with that same brown fabric and my quilt, “On the Line” is complete!


Everyone will b entering their projects in the flickr group but feel free to link up below too!

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