Finish It Up Friday–May BOMs

I actually have two more really amazing quilts that I have finished – binding and everything that I’ve been wanting to share on a Finish It Up Friday post.  Unfortunately – I need an opportunity to get some decent pictures.  It keeps being too windy or too rainy for me to get out and photo the quilts.  So, for this weeks ‘Finish It Up Friday’ post I’m going to just share with you the BOMs I finished this month.

The two BOMs I’m committed to this year is Pat Sloan’s Mystery Globetrotting BOM and the Aurifil BOM.I would love to do one more but I haven’t fallen in love with another one yet…and I really don’t have the time for another one at the moment either.  I can always play catch up if I do find something else!

Mystery Globetrotting BOM

Globetrotting BOM with Pat Sloan - England

Here’s my ‘England’ Block.  The brown fabric in the middle and on the sides is hand dyed and hand painted by yours truly!  I did it years ago for a quilt for my godmother and in my latest organization spree I found a scrap!  Woot!  My favorite thing about scraps is the stories and memories of previous quilts/projects that go with them!

Mystery Globetrotting BOM

And here are the five blocks we’ve made so far!  I’m loving what this is turning into!  Definitely not a typical color/fabric combination…but I think it’s going to be striking!

Aurifil BOM

May Aurifil BOM

And here’s my May Aurifil block!  I am having a fun, but challenging time, keeping my fabrics for this BOM ‘low volume’.  It’s just not me…but I’m glad I’m challenging myself.  I can’t wait to see how these all come together in the end!

Aurifil BOM January through May

January through May Aurifil Blocks!

Fingers crossed for some decent photo weather in the next few days!

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  1. Love them both although I like the contrast in the Pat Sloan blocks. The low volume isn't normally my style but will make a soft quilt.


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