Grandmother’s Love Block Tutorial: 52 Twisted Tradition Block Quilt Along

grandma graceIt will be two years ago on Friday that my Grandma Landwehr passed away.  She was an amazing woman and I still miss her every day. 
When I saw the ‘hearts’ reach out to me from the traditional block ‘Grandmother’s Choice’ I knew this was the block I would twist this week. 

Grandmother’s Love Block Tutorial for

52 Twisted Traditional Block Quilt Along

Finished Block Size – 10” x 10”


Cutting Instructions

Larger Triangles (reds and pinks)
4 – 4 7/8” squares
Cut in half diagonally. You will not use four of the triangles (big HST) for this particular block.  I’m going to put these aside…I may use them in a future twisted block.
Smaller Triangles (reds and pinks)
4 – 3” squares
Cut in half diagonally for 8 ‘small’ HST
Background (light/neutral)
4 – 2.5” squares
4 – 2.5” x 4.5” rectangles
Center Square
1 – 2.5” square


Layout your background 2.5” squares with your 3” HSTs in the way you want to sew them together like I show in the picture above.
We’ll start by working on the lower left triangle. Place the top triangle right sides together with your background square. Stitch a quarter inch seam along the top.
Iron towards the triangle. Layout out your second triangle as I show above so you don’t accidently sew your next seam in the wrong spot. Our end goal is to make another ‘big’ HST.
Place your second triangle right sides together and sew a ¼” seam.
Iron towards the triangle.
Now – lay a big HST triangle over the HST you just created. Match up the 90-degree corners and use your big HST to trim the new one you made to the proper side and get rid of those dog ears.
Here you can see that I only had just a bit to trim off.
But now you have two perfectly sized HSTs to sew together.
Iron towards the solid HST.
Trim off the dog ears and square up to 4.5” if needed. Now repeat this with the other three corners.
Once you have your four 4.5” ‘hearts’ created lay all your pieces out on your design wall as shown above. Sew them all together. Iron toward the darker fabric.
And there you have it – Grandmother’s Love!
Thanks for following along and I hope you enjoyed this block tutorial!
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I can’t wait to see what all your blocks look like!  Be sure to share you blocks and any projects you make using your blocks onto our flickr group: 52 Blocks Quilt Along

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Stop back next Wednesday for another twisted traditional block tutorial!

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