Handmade Bouquet

For Mother’s Day my children surprised me with pictures and poems and a beautiful painted washer necklace for the days preceding the big day.  Well – Mother’s Day happened to coincide with my husband’s birthday and I knew it would be a pretty low key day since we had a big party for him the night before.IMG_8398On the morning of Mother’s Day, my kids and husband presented me with this lovely handmade bouquet.IMG_8397This is absolutely PERECT for me!  I love handmade creations AND real bouquets tend to make me sneeze…a lot.

IMG_8401Here’s the flower my husband made me – he was super proud of it.IMG_8402This is the flower that Cedi made!  Loving the use of the wine cork!IMG_8400And Capri made the rest.  She got a bit into this projects which was not at all surprising!  Pip was a great cheerleader I heard. 

As you can see from the picture above…it’s a good idea to never throw anything away…ever.  You never know when you’ll need to make a flower bouquet.  IMG_8443Later in the day, we went for a walk at the marsh down the road from our place.  It was a beautiful day.IMG_8537-002

Here’s my now 35 year old husband with the three girls.IMG_8526

And here I am with my three beauties!  (Can you tell I was still exhausted from the late night?)

How was your mother’s day?

And a big belated Happy Mother’s Day to my mom.  She was lucky enough to be celebrating her special day in England!

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