Parfrey’s Glen

IMG_8869To be honest, it’s fairly rare that we leave the farm to go on adventure’s with our kiddo’s.  They do experience a lot on the farm…but still…this summer is going to be the summer of adventures.  We had delayed my mother’s day celebration a week (I’m not a huge fan of sharing it with my hubby’s birthday) and for that we went on a hike to beautiful Parfrey’s Glen in Baraboo, WI.  I would say this is only about a 30 minute drive and we’d only visited once before.  The first time we didn’t make it too far as Pip was still a babe and Capri was wearing shoes not made for hiking.  This time – we made it to the end!

Warning – LOTS of pictures ahead – it was STUNNING!

IMG_8873The girls are ready!  Only Cedi has the appropriate footwear on and I’m pretty sure even her shoes are a size or two too big for her.  IMG_8874


A guy on the trail told me this was the nicest Jack N the Box he’d ever seen…I had to take a picture…IMG_8880IMG_8881IMG_8891IMG_8893Seeing a Papa with his daughter melts my heart…even more so when it’s my husband and daughter!IMG_8894IMG_8900IMG_8911IMG_8924IMG_8925Do you see us?  bottom left…IMG_8931IMG_8935IMG_8940IMG_8948IMG_8950IMG_8961IMG_8972IMG_8983IMG_8990IMG_9002



This might be my favorite picture from the day…IMG_9031

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