Poynette K-8 Art Fair

On Thursday, May 1st, the Poynette K-8 art teachers put together an amazing art fair at the elementary school.  It was a fabulous event and showcased at least one piece of art by EVERY student from Kindergarten to 8th grade.  How cool is that!? 

They also arranged to have ‘guest artist’ set up their work at the event.  This included everything from 3D Animation, stained glass ceramics, scale model engines, woodworking, and zentangle drawing.  When you first walked in the door you were able to also see examples of the art the staff does (so cool!). 

Along with all the art work there was also performances from the middle school choir and band happening throughout the night.  The local dance program performed in the gym for the three hour duration.  And the 8th grade Food Styling Class showed off their skills by handing out food samples.  I love that they didn’t just feature one form of art throughout the night. 

It really was an amazing evening at it makes me very happy to know my children have two amazing art teachers to look forward to as the years continue.

IMG_7849I was honored to be asked to be one of the guest artist.  Capri’s teacher asked if I would like to set up my quilts and course I said I would.  IMG_7851The girls’ were pretty excited to tell their friends that they’re mom was an artist (a term I’m still getting used to calling myself).  The night before I asked the girls if they wanted me to dress ‘normal’ or ‘artsy’.  There was a resounding ‘artsy!’ from them both – I’m so happy I don’t embarrass them…yet.IMG_7852Before the event started…we had to go in search of the girls work.  Cedi showcased this adorable snowman!IMG_7854And Capri had a pastel piece included in the ‘Kindergarten Still Life Gallery’.  IMG_7857Check out that outfit!  Would you consider that ‘normal’ or ‘artsy’?  IMG_7866

They also had the Kindergartener’s pick up the camera’s they had made in art class at the fair so they could take ‘pictures’ of the event.  Capri was so excited that one of the pictures she took was of her friend Kaleb – we had to take a picture of us taking a picture of each other. 

What an amazing event and I can’t wait to attend when they do it again!

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