Self Portrait

As the school year is finally coming to an end (yes…it feels like it’s dragging on forever!  I’m ready for my summer schedule of lots of time in our little pool!) the girls’ are starting to bring home lots of their art projects.  One of the art projects the elementary kids did is a self portrait that was then put onto a tile and used to retile some of the walls around the school.

self portrait

And this is Mercedi’s self portrait.  I think this may be my favorite project yet!


In case you don’t remember which one Cedi is…this is her actual photo…

She did say the hair got a little ‘poofy’ on her…

I will cherish this piece forever!  oh cedi…


  1. I just love that you share part of your life with us, because it brings back memories of when our own children were this age, and brought home projects like this. They were priceless, but I don't have them anymore, since they were given to them when they left home and got married. What I do have is a lock of my own hair from when I was a young girl of about 6 or 7, over seventy years ago and a few other things from my childhood. What I think is so special about Cedi's self portrait, is that the red in her hair made it onto her face, instead of her hair. Drawings are the best, since they provide an insight into how they see themselves and others, as well. We now have 5 great granddaughters, the eldest of which is 6, and her mommy tapes these little treasures to the fridge, so we are fortunate enough to see them when we visit. Enjoy these years, as they are gone before you know it.

    1. Thank you so much Sylvia for your kind comments! I'm glad to hear that you enjoy reading about my children - it's a joy for me to share them as they grow and this has become somewhat of a scrap book for me! It's so fun looking back and seeing how much they've grown!


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