I love that my friend Kim of My Go-Go Life is encouraging us to get some quilting in on the weekend – and then share what we worked on with you all. 

Saturday was pretty much a NoSew day for me…I had a garage sale instead!  It was one of the first beautiful days we’ve had in what seems like a long time and it was nice to have the sun hit my face.  I also woke up with a cold that I chose to ignore…but today, Sunday, that was no longer possible.

I spent today pretty much just lazing about even though the beautiful weather was calling to me again…I just couldn’t get the energy.

Luckily I had some ‘LoSew’ projects I could work on.

paper pieced

First…I finished picking the paper out of my aurifil/fairy tale sampler quilt so I could send it to the quilter.


And I have a fairly decent amount of binding to hand sew on to my almost finished multiple bom/qal block quilt (I really need a new name for this…Trish?) finish from March. 

So…even when you may feel like not doing much…I have to admit I do feel good that I did do something. 

Hope you had a great weekend!


  1. Novitiate Nebula - novitiate is a beginner or in training (sometimes used in a religious training) and a nebula is an interstellar clump of gas and dust that will eventually become a star.

  2. Not much sewing this weekend. First communion for my Godson yesterday and a wedding for a dear friend's son today. Sewing during the week for sure!


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