The Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart–ROYGBIV Entry

I’ve been debating which quilt I would use for my second entry into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival. chose my newest quilt ‘Novitiate Nebula’ for my first one). 
This year has been a year of FINISHES for me. With a quick tally in my mind I’ve FINISHED 16 quilts (4 were mug rugs…) so far this year…at least.  I may be missing a few.  Granted, I didn’t start all of them this year…but I have to say it’s felt really good to have all these finishes happening! 

I’m getting off track.  All I mean to say, is it’s hard to pick just two to showcase when I have all these wonderful new folks visiting during the Festival. (thanks for stopping by!) 
I finally decided to show you all my ‘Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart’ Quilt. 
Quilt Stats
Name: Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart
Size: 35" x 37"
Machine Pieced, Quilted, and Embellished by Me, Kim Lapacek
Category Entered: ROYGBIV

I feel this quilt really shows off my unique style of quilting.  Both the quilts I’m showcasing this festival can be the type of creations you can expect to see from me if you decide to follow along with my blog even after the festival is over.

I created this quilt for Project QUILTING’s String Challenge.  The challenge broken down: the strips of fabrics we used could not be larger than 2.5” wide…oh – and we had a week to finish the quilt!
I immediately pulled out my scrap bins and knew what I had to do.  I started by sketching the general design I was thinking and indicating where the colors should start and stop as I worked my way around the rainbow.  All my scrap strips are raw edge sewn down onto a foundation piece of fabric.  Once I had it all covered…I layered it with batting and a back and did a circular tight quilting.  I love the effect this had AND it helped to secure my raw edge strips down even better.
Of course – one can’t just stop there.  I had to add in some glitter ribbon, cording, mirrors, cabochons, sequins, and stars before I called my heart finished!

You can read even more about the quilt and the process HERE if you’re interested.
This turned into a bit more of an intense project than I initially planned – but I am super happy with how it turned out in the end!  It was definitely a great way to use up my scraps.  When I started I wasn’t sure that it would turn out like it was in my mind and now that I know that I can just sew down raw edge scraps design ideas have become endless in my dreams!

So…what do you think?  I promise you won’t hurt my feelings unless you say that it’s boring.
If you love it too…be sure to head over and vote for it to win the  ‘Viewer’s Choice’!  That's right!  This quilt made it into the top 25 of the 600 quilt entered!  WOOT WOOT!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ha! I might have run from a challenge like that, but look at the end result! And by the way, 16 finishes?! That is truly amazing. :) Lovely entry. Sam

  2. Fabulous! Way to go, Kim! I love it!

  3. Wild and Sassy and Wonderful. Love how it all came together!

  4. Oh yeah right, like anyone could call this spectacular, wonderful, amazing quilt boring. LOL!!

  5. Beautiful, it has such energy. If I could make something with this. Process to use up scraps

  6. Spectacular.Hope you get many votes.Have a fun week!!

  7. So very cool! Love the improv and feel of it.

  8. Wow! This quilt is so cool! Love it!

  9. WOW! I love the look of this quilt- totally arty and all those tiny scraps put to good use. It's beautiful (and one of the most creative entries I've seen in this year's festival !)

  10. This really is THE quilt this year. Inspire me a lot. Thank you so much!

  11. This is fabulous! One day I am going to try something awesome like this!

  12. Fantastic one, my vote for viewer's choice. Really love the sparkling colours!

  13. Congratulations on your nomination - its' funny how those quilts we enter last often are the ones that gets the most attenmtion :) Very creative, fun and sparkling.

  14. I like this one. Voted for it.


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