Weekend in Review, and Please Vote

We have had such a great weekend filled with apple blossoms, friends and new memories!  It has not, however, included any actual sewing…but hopefully I’ll get to it a bit later today!

Before I get to my reminiscent pictures I just wanted to let you know that it’s time to vote (voting stays open until May 29th) for your favorite Quilts over at Amy’s Creative Side’s Blogger Quilt Festival.


Novitiate Nebula is the ‘Scrap Quilt Category’ Running. 

Fullscreen capture 5262014 80619 AM

Just click the little heart in the upper right of the picture to vote for it – you get two votes too so be sure to check out all the entries while you’re there!


The Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart is in the ROYGBIV Category Running AND it made it into the top 25 of the whole show and could possible win ‘Viewer’s Choice’!  Can you believe it!?   

So please – take a few minutes to just click on the category’s and do a little voting!  I so appreciate your support!

Now…let’s take a look at some of the fun things that have happened so far this weekend.

blossoms pink

First…it was apple blossom time at the orchard. I took the photo above of one of our Scarlet apple trees in blossom.  20 acres in bloom is a sight that everyone should be able to see…so of course, we opened to the public.

  apple blossom sunset

For this incredible shot, friend and talented photographer, Karmen Linder, stole my phone and snapped this one quickly.  I just love the sun setting behind the blossoms…wowsa!pip blossoms

I was going for a gothic/blossom look with Pip in her Minnie Mouse dress in this shot. 

barn quilts begunI’ve been commissioned to paint two barn quilts this summer.  Over the weekend I’ve managed to get all four coats of primer on!  Off to the store for paint this afternoon.plantingWe worked on our flower and vegetable gardens this weekend (yup – I even planted some things).  Capri is planting her garden in her Christmas Tree Dress…so appropriate…I know.gg and pip

I got a nice shot of Grandma and Grandpa just hanging out with Pip after a long day of work in the gardens and orchard.

carrie weddingSaturday night, we headed to Green Bay to celebrate my cousin Carrie marrying Jeremy.  It was the first time I’ve met Jeremy and I definitely approve. 

cedi and paigeAll the kids were invited to the wedding.  It’s always so much fun to watch them dance and have fun with their cousins.  Cedi definitely enjoyed dancing with Paige and Avery (avery’s not pictured). 

kyle and jillian

On Sunday, these two rolled up on their tandem bike!  How cool is that?  And yes – Kyle was cool enough to take me for a little spin on it…so much fun!  I just had to pedal and look around…zero stress!

pd mug

And here’s my lovely Persimon Dreams mug that I gave Jillian…she took it home to wash and ‘hang dry’ it!

Hope you had a great weekend!

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