Graduation, Gardens and Summertime

Every year I look forward to summer – finally some time with my girls and no running around!  I forget –that’s not what summer looks like anymore!  I’m less than a week into summer and I feel like all I do is run around.  If the summer continues the way this week is going – and I predict it will – it’s going to be a crazy busy summer full of adventures and running around!  Oh well – you only live once, right?

The one thing that it means is I probably won’t be blogging or creating quite as regularly.  I’ll still do my best to post as often as possible but if you don’t hear from me – no worries – it means I’m probably on an adventure!  If you’re really missing me, be sure to follow along on our adventures on instagram


Oh – and I really needed to start blogging over on my orchard blog so be sure to stop there and check out my new ‘Creative Gardening’ series that I’m posting. 

So – last week was the end of the school year for the girls.  I’m a little late at putting together the ‘before and after’ picture that everyone else has been putting up but I’m so glad I did!


The left is the first day of school, the right is the last.  Look at how much they grew – seriously!!  Yes – I know they’re not standing up straight but I’d say their leaning about the same amount in each shot – so crazy! 


Here is a picture of Capri with her fabulous Kindergarten teacher at her ‘graduation’.  I’d like to say that I didn’t tear up a bit – okay – a lot – but I can’t.  I can’t even imagine what I’m going to do once this is Pip…


Here’s a picture of Capri’s class – well sort of – Pip may have snuck in…


Oops!  I did manage to get her out and everyone got a few pictures, minus Pip.IMG_0042

Jared took off work so he could be at Capri’s graduation.  I love this picture of them!

Cedi was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t a graduation ceremony for her going from first to second grade but I assured her she still has at least three in her future. 

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