How to Make a Barn Quilt, Part 2: 2014 Edition

If you missed it in an earlier post, the title probably gave it away.  I’m at it again – painting barn quilts. I’ll start by showing you some progress pictures on the Ohio Star Barn Quilt.


Four coats of the second color – a lighter blue are on!


I let all the paint try at least 8 hours before I pull the tape. 


Once that tapes off – it’s time to tape out the third color – barn red.  There’s a lot of barn red on this block and it’s going to look wonderful hanging on the white barn it’s going on.

Now let’s check out how the Dutch Rose Barn Quilt is going.


I finished four coats of the second color – a grey.


Once the paint was thoroughly dry I pulled the tape.


Uh Oh – what’s this?  A little paint seeped under the tape.  In this case – not a big deal.  It seeped into a section of the quilt that will be painted black.  This is exactly why I paint from lighter to darker.  The black will cover up that bit of seepage no problem.


Now here we had a bit of seeping onto an already painted white area.  Once this whole quilt is done I’ll come back with a small brush and do some touch ups.  This should clean up nicely.


The third color –barn red – is now taped out.  I only had thinner frog tape left so I double taped it in the previously painted white areas of the quilt.  This way I don’t have to be as careful with my brush.


And here they are with the first coat of the third color – barn red!  (Sorry about the picture…the sun was being bright).


  1. What an interesting project. Are you really going to hang them on a barn?

  2. Of course! I'll be sure to post pictures of them hanging!

  3. I am enjoying your barn quilt projects and gathering information for attempting my first one. My brother in law has asked me to create on for their second home, which is in TN and is housed in a pole building. I think I have decided on a quilt block but am still deciding colors (he is letting me decide that).
    Would it be possible to post a picture or pictures of the back of the barn quilts? I am still unsure of how the two sections are fastened together and do better with a visual.
    I look forward to following you and your blog.
    Anna in IL


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