How to Make a Barn Quilt, Part 3; 2014 Edition

Alright – we’re onto the next step of the barn quilt! 

If you want to see how it all started -

During Part 2, I did get the first coat of barn red onto the quilts.  During Part 3 you’ll see what they look like with all four coats on and the start of color 4.

Let’s start by seeing how the Ohio Star Quilt is progressing.

IMG_9742I finished all four coats of red.  See how nicely that covers!  It was time to tape out the blue.IMG_9744While working on this I realized that the barn red was darker than my sketch of red was.  I decided to switch the blues so the points didn’t get ‘lost’ in the red.IMG_9748

Here you go – the inner square is now the darker blue and the outer points of the star are the lighter blue.  I’m really happy with this decision.  Once the four coats are on it will be time for the final tape pull of the Ohio Star Barn Quilt!IMG_9743I finished up the four coats of red, pulled the paint IMG_9745and it was time to tape the fourth color – blue!  I found that once the humidity starts my frog tape doesn’t seem to stick as well to the already painted sections.  The blue painters tape on the other hand isn’t perfect – but does seem to get that initial stick much better.  Then, I make sure to paint a ‘seal’ along the sides of the tape so everything stays in place until I’m ready to pull it off.  IMG_9747

And yes – this will be the darker blue.  The paint store person told me the darker blue would look better if I started with one coat of the lighter blue first.  Stay tuned to see how the dark blue looks!

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