Mini Quilt Tops

I joined in Canoe Ridge Creations' Fresh Mini Quilt Club this year. I FINALLY understand why mini quilts are so fun! You get to try out a new idea without getting too invested in it.



'A Study in Stripes' Top

I am SO excited about how these stripes look together. The middle fabric is from Kaffe Fasset. The outside stripe is from the 'Gone with the Wind' fabric series.   I’ve had this in my mind to try for awhile and I really do like how it all worked out. 


Boxed In


I had fun mixing fabrics with different creatures on this mini quilt – butterflies, birds and bees!  I also have a lot of blue and greens in my fabric stash and I think it would be great to use some of that up. 

I still have to quilt both of these quilts.  I would love to hear what you would do for quilting them.  I have a few thoughts but I haven’t committed to anything yet.


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  1. Nice quilts! Love the second one. I'm afraid I have no quilting ideas... that's always my problem.

  2. Lovely quilts. The first one is waiting for spiral quilting, I think.

  3. Spiral quilting might work for your study in stripes. And maybe diagonal cross hatch quilting for the boxed in? Yes, minis are a great way to try new techniques!


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