A Lovely Year of Finishes–July Goal

My goal for July is not too exciting but it’s 100% necessary.  And of course, I’m once againMy Button learning the lesson that I should just do this right away instead of waiting until a week before it needs to be on. 

That’s right – I need to add hanging sleeves and labels to my quilts for the fair and shows I’ve entered them in. 

By next week Thursday I need to add a hanging sleeve to…

Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart Full

The Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart


Modern Log Cabin

Novitiate Nebula

Novitiate Nebula



Once Upon A Time

for the Lodi Ag Fair

By early Monday morning of July 14th I also need to add a sleeve to..

African Impromptu

African Impromptu

for the Belleville Quilt Show – For the love of Quilts.

I would say adding the hanging sleeve is one of my least favorite parts of the quilt.  I have no problem with sewing on binding…but the sleeve is just not fun.  Oh well.  The good thing about this is that I’ve also entered these into a few juried shows.  If they get in…the sleeves will already be on! 

Of course – we have a big event happening at our orchard next Tuesday.  Nothing like trying to fit everything into just a few days.  Wish me luck!


  1. I hate adding sleeves to my quilts, too. Just takes time and is boring. I try to make them the same color as the back so they blend in and I don't have to take them off right away. Have fun!

  2. Sorry you have all that boring stuff to do, but we get to see your quilts again. Yum! If I was the judge, you'd be a winner on each one of them. That heart is amazing - well, all of them are.
    And you are here in Lodi? I'm just a few jumps away in Orangevale, CA. What's going on at the winery? Which winery? We are always looking for something different to do.
    Thanks for showing your quilts again... I'm a rather new follower (maybe a week or two) and haven't seen them before.

  3. I hate sewing on sleeves too. And once the show is over, I don't want to take them off because I'm afraid of having to sew it back on. LOVE your heart quilt by the way.

  4. Whenever I see The Amazing Technicolor Dream Heart, it takes my breath away all over again. Such a magnificent piece of art you have created Kim, not that they aren't all beautiful, but that one just seams to take center stage and I hope you are rewarded for your efforts wherever it is shown. Good luck with all your entries!

  5. Love your quilts! Sorry you have to sew on all those sleeves... wish I allowed myself to be inspired by you and sew mine on instead of waiting for the last moment... but I am so glad as a newbie I am now able to see your stunning work!


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