For the Love of Quilts Quilt Show

This past weekend was a BIG weekend of quilting amazingness for me!  I spent Thursday through Saturday at the Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I will blog more about that adventure later on…but I do have to say it was AMAZING!  I also was lucky enough to meet and learn from amazing quilt artist Pam Holland…if you don’t know who I’m talking about…google her now!!!

So…while I was away learning TONS…I had five quilts hanging in the ‘For the Love of Quilts Quilt Show’ in Belleville, WI. It was my first time having quilts in this show and I wish I could have seen them hanging…but not enough that I wanted to skip Ricky.

My friend Trish also had quilts in the show and she went on Saturday afternoon.  She had a few quilts appraised and she’s be able to pick them up when the show concluded.

I got some pretty exciting texts with pictures once Trish had time to peruse the quilt show.


The quilt – Novitiate Nebula…IMG_1528Received a ‘Vendors Choice’ ribbon from TJ Woodworm!IMG_8663Modern Log Cabin…IMG_1530Received Vendors Choice from Keep Me In Stitches Quilt Shop, Appleton WI.  IMG_0528And “Once Upon a Time…”IMG_1533

Received a ‘Judges Choice’ ribbon AND VIEWER’S CHOICE!!!!  I was beyond shocked and pleased about all of these fabulous ribbons.  Did you see?  The ribbons are all handmade! 

We also received our critique sheets from the judges.  One thing they commented on was that you should sew your top and bottom borders on first…then the sides?  I have always done it the other way – sides first and then top and bottom because then I am always sewing the shortest length strip possible…do you know what I mean?  Has anyone else heard of this rule?  Do you know why it’s done or why it’s important to do it this way?  Completely a curiosity thing.  I have my reasons for doing it the way I do…but am definitely open to learning why the other way works better.

Have  I mentioned it was a good weekend?


  1. Congrats Kim, your work is awesome!

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  3. Congratulations! Your quilts are fabulous works of art! I'm so happy for you -- you've worked really hard and you are going to go far in the quilt world! (In case you don't remember me -- I asked if I could use a photo of one of your quilts in my blog, The Tromp Queen. You agreed and then later we met in person in line at a Starbucks at the Des Moines quilt show). I've enjoyed following your quilt journey and can't wait to see what will happen next. I'm still hoping to get to your orchard someday, too!

    1. I DO remember you! Thanks so much for your lovely comments :) Hopefully we'll meet again someday :)

  4. Beautiful quilts and congrats on the recognition from your peers! And I so very jealous of your getting to go to the Super's on my bucket list!
    On the attaching the borders top and bottom, then sides-it could be a visual thing. When the side borders reach from top to bottom, it draws the eye down the quilt, accenting the length (hey, if it works for us, why not our quilts?). However, I do not have any proof that this is the reason for doing so, but I do the top and bottom, then the sides. I just like the way it looks.
    Anna in IL

  5. I loved seeing your quilts on display and so thrilled you received those beautiful hand made ribbons. Although I think all your quilts are beautiful and deserve the ribbons, I would have thought that the Novitiate Nebula would have received much higher honors. It's striking in it's color, detail and fabric selection and I love it, but I'm not a judge, and I'm sure you are happy with the awards you did receive. It must have been a wonderful experience to attend a Seminar with Ricky I so enjoy his videos with Alex and guests.


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